Khushalii Kumar on her position in Starfish: I received into Tara’s character a lot that I grew to become her and it was scary

For Khushalii Kumar, Starfish was like a ardour undertaking for which she gave her all- bodily, mentally and emotionally. The preparation and taking pictures was so intense that it left her exhausted. Now whereas speaking to us, the actor shares how at one level, she began questioning her determination of doing this movie.

Khushalii Kumar will likely be seen enjoying a diver in Starfish.

“It was so freezing cold that everyone was wearing jackets while I was in a dress, ready to jump in the water. It was very difficult and challenging. There was a point while shooting underwater scenes, when I came out of the water and said ‘What kind of script did I chose’ (laughs). After it was over, I was relieved ki khatam hogya ye,” shares the actor, however shortly provides that engaged on this undertaking additionally made her the happiest. “In the very next moment, I felt happy because after every shot, everyone on the set would clap and applaud me and that was another level of encouragement. In fact I now miss those shooting days no matter how difficult they were.”

Kumar additionally talks about how she received into Tara’s (her title within the movie) character a lot that it received troublesome to return out of it. “I became her (Tara) and it was kind of scary. But I believe many actors face this issue,” she says and goes on to elucidate, “When you perform a certain character, you do get trapped into that zone. But it’s about how strong you are to train your mind, detach yourself and come out of it. And it does take time and that’s okay. That’s the journey of an actor.”

Kumar is simply grateful that the crew shot the movie’s most intense scenes finally. “Because after that, I would get so scared and wake up in the middle of the night. I would start crying and panicking without realizing what’s happening to me. It was so much into that zone that it affected me to the core,” she shares.

To come out of her character, Kumar took a break after the shoot. “I travelled to another city, read different things, tried to engage myself in varied activities to just distract myself. I couldn’t leave myself in that situation for a very long time. It was a process that I went through and I have come out of it now,” Kumar tells us.

Though she has raised the bar not only for others however herself too with this character, would she thoughts enjoying a not-so-challenging position in a rom-com? “Every role is challenging in its own way. It’s not easy to be someone else and be true to it and make it look real. Now I have a new film in which I play a news anchor and I am pretty excited to do it. And throughout, my attempt was to add some spark to the character that makes it standout and look different from others,” she shares, including, there are a number of different tasks wherein she is worked up to indicate her versatility as an actor. “There is Ghudchadi, which has Sanjay Dutt and and Raveena Tandon. Another is Dedh Bigha Zameen with Pratiek Gandhi. Besides this, there are a couple of films, which will will go on floor in Feb-March next year,” she ends.

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