Does Your Sabudana Khichdi Become Sticky? 7 Tips To Make It Like Pro

Sabudana khichdi is a delight to eat. It makes quick appearances in our meals through the fasting season.  Soft tapioca pearls, cooked with potato, peanuts, cumin and ghee, sabudana khichdi spells indulgence. Moreover, the earthy flavours and aroma of the dish make us fall for it again and again. But, cooking an ideal bowl of sabudana khichdi will be fairly a problem. In truth, overcooking could make it mushy or sticky. This additional ruins the feel and style of the entire dish. Much relatable? If you face the identical problem, then this text is only for you. We have curated some fast ideas to ensure your sabudana khichdi seems completely. Sounds good, proper? So, with out additional ado, let’s take you thru these simple and efficient cooking hacks for sabudana khichdi. 

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Here Are 7 Smart Ways To Make Sure That Sabudana Khichdi Is Not Sticky: 

1. Soak the sabudana correctly

Soaking sabudana accurately is the important thing to getting the right texture. Rinse the sabudana a number of instances in water after which soak it for 4 to 5 hours. Then, drain the surplus water and let the tapioca pearls sit in a strainer for 15-20 minutes to take away any extra moisture. 

2. Choose the precise number of sabudana

There are sometimes two varieties of sabudana obtainable out there – one has smaller pearls and the opposite has large pearls. Bigger sabudana pearls take longer to prepare dinner and are much less prone to grow to be sticky. So, it’s at all times suggested to decide on the massive sabudana to keep away from the dish from turning sticky. 

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3. Use ghee whereas cooking


Adding ghee to the pan whereas cooking sabudana will help forestall it from sticking collectively. Ghee has a better smoke level and does not burn simply, which helps in even cooking. 

4. Cook on low warmth

Sabudana khichdi needs to be cooked on low warmth to forestall it from sticking and turning into mushy. Cooking on low warmth ensures that the tapioca pearls are cooked evenly, sustaining their form. 

5. Use a non-stick pan

Using a non-stick pan will help forestall the sabudana from sticking to the underside, additional stopping it from burning. If you do not have a non-stick pan, be sure you preserve stirring the khichdi to forestall it from sticking. 

6. Don’t overcook the khichdi

Overcooking the sabudana may also make it sticky. Cook it simply till the pearls are translucent, and you’ll see the small white dot within the centre. Overcooking the sabudana will flip the dish sticky and mushy. 

7. Add potato and roasted peanuts

Adding a small quantity of potato whereas cooking sabudana can forestall it from turning into sticky. Potato starch absorbs extra moisture and helps preserve the pearls fluffy and intact. On the opposite hand, the oil from the roasted peanuts coats the sabudana pearls and prevents them from sticking to one another. 

Now that you’ve these wonderful ideas helpful, we advise following them and making your self a scrumptious bowl of sabudana khichdi this festive season. Click right here for the traditional recipe of sabudana khichdi. 

Happy Mahashivratri 2023, everybody!  

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