How to Keep Radish Fresh for Longer: Easy Tips and Tricks

Radishes are a flexible vegetable utilized in numerous Indian dishes, from salads to pickles and parathas. Despite their spicy flavour, radishes provide quite a few well being advantages, together with improved digestion and blood strain management. With radishes available out there all through the winter, it isn’t unusual for lovers to fill up on this beloved veggie. But, the problem lies in preserving them contemporary for an prolonged interval. In this text, we’ll share some worthwhile tips about storing radishes to make sure they keep crisp and flavorful. Let’s dive proper in!

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Here Are 5 Tips To Keep Radish Fresh for Longer:

  1. Use a Basket for Storage

As quickly as you convey radishes residence from the market, take away them from plastic baggage and retailer them in a fridge basket. During the winter, you possibly can even hold them exterior in a basket. This easy step helps preserve their freshness.

  1. Avoid Mixing with Other Vegetables

While it is tempting to retailer radishes with different veggies like potatoes and onions, this is usually a mistake. Some greens emit ethylene fuel, which may trigger radishes to spoil rapidly. Additionally, sure greens include citric acid, which may have an identical impact. To hold radishes contemporary, retailer them individually from different greens.

  1. Keep the Leaves Intact

If you need your radishes to remain contemporary for an prolonged interval, depart the inexperienced leaves connected. These leaves assist protect the radishes’ freshness. If a leaf or two turns yellow, it is okay to trim them, however make sure you hold the remainder intact. Regularly mist the radishes and leaves with water to take care of their moisture.

  1. Store Radishes in Water

To maximize radish freshness, do that efficient technique. Remove a couple of radish leaves, then place the radishes in a sealed jar crammed with water. This trick can hold your radishes contemporary for as much as every week. It’s a good way to increase their shelf life and guarantee they continue to be crisp.

  1. Avoid Cutting and Storing

Never minimize radishes and retailer them, as this may result in quicker spoilage. When radishes are chopped or sliced, it is best to make use of them instantly. If your radishes are complete, take into account storing them in a breathable internet bag as an alternative of a plastic one to take care of their freshness.

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Next time you purchase radishes from the market, put the following tips into observe to maintain them contemporary for longer. With these easy tips, you possibly can benefit from the pleasant crunch and taste of radishes in your dishes for an prolonged interval. Happy cooking!

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