Not Just Khichdi, Use Samak Rice To Make Delicious Pulao For Navratri Fasting

The vibrant pageant of Navratri provides us a possibility to expertise distinctive culinary expertise that goes past the atypical. Since the fasting eating regimen is restricted to some choose components, you may experiment and create a myriad of dishes for wholesome and scrumptious fasting. Among these vrat-friendly components, samak rice comes as a savour for rice lovers who cannot do with out having a meal of rice in a day. Samak rice is mostly used to make Navratri particular samak khichdi, which is stuffed with vitamins and flavours. Without discrediting samak khichdi for the yummy delicacy that it’s, we wish to introduce you to a different samak rice recipe that you need to dry through the Navratri 2023 pageant – samak pulao. 

Samak rice permits you to benefit from the acquainted flavour of your vegetable pulao whereas following the rules of the Navratri fasting eating regimen. The samak pulao recipe is a must have in your Navratri menu. Why? It is wholesome and oh-so scrumptious!
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What is samak rice? What it’s manufactured from? 

Samak rice, often known as sama or barnyard millet, is a kind of seed, not true rice. It’s tiny, spherical, and has a pale color. Samak rice is derived from the Echinochloa frumentacea plant, and it is naturally gluten-free. This makes it appropriate for these with gluten sensitivities, making it a preferred alternative throughout fasting. 

Samak ke chawal is often known as barnyard millet.
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Why is samak rice used for fasting? Samak advantages:

Samak rice has earned its place as a fasting staple for a number of causes: 

Gluten-Free: Samak rice is of course gluten-free, a vital attribute throughout fasting when many grains are averted. This high quality makes it appropriate for these with dietary restrictions. 

Easy to Digest: Samak rice is gentle on the abdomen and simple to digest, which is important when fasting. It gives sustained power with out inflicting discomfort. 

Nutrient-Rich: Despite its small dimension, samak rice is filled with important vitamins. It accommodates fibre, minerals, and nutritional vitamins that present nourishment throughout fasting. 

Cultural Significance: Samak rice has been a part of Indian fasting traditions for hundreds of years. It’s deeply ingrained within the cultural and non secular cloth, making it an integral a part of Navratri celebrations.
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How To Make Samak Rice Pulao For Navratri I Samak Rice Pulao Recipe 

First, wash the samak rice totally and drain it. This step removes any extra starch. Heat some ghee over medium warmth in a pan. Add cumin seeds and chopped inexperienced chillies, and saute them. Next, add the washed samak rice and saute it. Pour in some water together with a pinch of rock salt, and convey it to a boil. Cover the pan, and let it simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Add boiled and cubed potatoes and chopped peanuts. Cook for just a few extra minutes. Garnish with contemporary coriander leaves and serve sizzling.  

Click right here for the step-by-step recipe for samak rice pulao.  

The Samak rice pulao recipe is an effective way to whet your rice cravings whereas fasting.  

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