Woman Calls Poha “Worst Food”. Internet Wants Her To “Upgrade Taste Buds”

There is hardly any Indian who does not like poha. Whipping up this delight is a breeze. In a pan, heat some oil, add mustard seeds, curry leaves, and chopped onions, and saute them until the onions turn a lovely golden hue. Then, introduce turmeric, salt, and the rinsed poha. Let it cook for a few minutes, and finish by garnishing it with chopped coriander and a drizzle of refreshing lemon juice. While most people love this dish, have you heard someone being extremely vocal about their hatred for poha. One such instance unfolded on social media when a user on X (formerly known as Twitter) dared to label poha as the “worst meals” in one of her posts. This declaration stirred a frenzy among desi food enthusiasts, who couldn’t resist expressing their passionate disagreement in the comments section.
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In this tweet, a woman posted a picture of a bowl full of poha along with the text, “Honestly, this is the absolute worst food I’ve ever encountered.”

Take a look at her post below:

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With more than 225,000 views the post has garnered substantial attention. But many food enthusiasts were against this hatred for poha.

A user wrote, “It is heaven in a bowl, what are you talking about.”

Banana nahi aata hoga [You must not know how to cook],” another user added.

A person said, “Time to upgrade your taste buds.”

Tongue transplant ki zaroorat hai aap ko [You need tongue transplant],” read a comment. 

A person satirised, “Honestly, this is the absolute worst Twitter handle I’ve ever encountered.”

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