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The long-awaited decision of Damian Lillard’s commerce request to the Heat stored the NBA world on edge throughout the offseason.

Uncertainty loomed over a number of gamers, together with Tyler Herro, till the Trail Blazers shocking transfer to ship Lillard to the Bucks simply days earlier than the beginning of coaching camp.

Reflecting on the extended commerce talks, Heat’s middle Bam Adebayo expressed his needs for a swifter conclusion.

“This summer was really family time,” Adebayo mentioned on SiriusXM NBA Radio. “We discussed the Damian Lillard stuff. I wish it would have just gotten over earlier. Just because not only for guys on our team, but him as individual.

“Guys got kids. Guys got families. Guys need to know what’s about to happen. Some people in that mix of what happened got that phone call and then there was no turning back. It was just one decision, move on.

“And it was like three days before camp or four days before camp. It’s like, he has kids, you got families, and that’s a lot to move in 72 hours.”

Acknowledging Lillard’s need for a change of surroundings and a shot at a championship, Adebayo concluded, “From that standpoint, I’m glad he got what he wanted at the end of the day which was he wanted to leave and he wanted a chance to win. And I feel like he has that in where he went.”

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