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Golden State Warriors’ current acquisition, the seasoned NBA veteran Chris Paul, has expressed confidence in seamlessly integrating into the staff’s offensive technique, undeterred by the necessity to regulate to a system the place Stephen Curry assumes a dominant position as the first ball handler.

Speaking on SiriusXM NBA Radio, Paul emphasised his familiarity with numerous taking part in types, underlining his functionality to perform successfully each with and with out possession of the ball, drawing upon his complete understanding of intricate offensive techniques and methods.

“I’ve been playing basketball a long time. Everybody is going to say what they got to say about ball movement, this and that. I’ve been fortunate in this league to play with the ball in my hands for a long time. Just because I play like that, doesn’t mean that I don’t know how to play without it,” he stated.

The 38-year-old level guard cited his collegiate expertise, the place he honed his expertise in a system that prioritized structured performs, together with intricate off-ball actions, screens, and cuts, thus reaffirming his capability to excel inside a diversified offensive framework.

“Luckily, I played in college where they put a bubble on the goal and coaches play where you couldn’t pass the ball, you had to set flares and back screens and stuff. I didn’t forget how to do that,” Paul continued.

While acknowledging his historic inclination in direction of ball-dominant play, Paul highlighted his proficiency in executing exact cuts and actions on the courtroom.

“I still know how to play whether it’s to flex or anything like that. Just move. Obviously, there’s a little bit more cutting now than usually some of my other teams because I couldn’t cut because I had to be the guy to get the ball. When you got like this, it just gives you more options,” he added.

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