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The Warriors conceded 134 factors as they fell towards the Clippers (124-134). It was the third loss in 4 video games for Golden State.

Draymond Green slammed his group’s defence after the sport, dismissing the talks of championship hangover as a doable rationalization of why the Warriors are struggling to win video games.

“It has to come from within,” the four-time NBA champion stated about poor protection by the Dubs. “Defense is all about the will, a want to defend. Defense isn’t fun. Just kind of want to do it if you want to win. And we haven’t.”

“It’s not just gonna come. Do I think we’re capaple of doing it? Yes. But I don’t think it’s coming. You can go get it, but it’s not just coming.”

“I don’t think it’s that, I don’t think it’s a championship hangover. It’s a will to want to defend,” he stated. “You’re not hungover at .500, 60 games into the season. You’re a loser if you’re still hungover at that point, so there’s no hangover.

“It’s the will to defend, stop and guard your man, sink and help and trap the box, rotate. Defense is all one to two steps extra. I’ma take that extra step to get there or I’m not. That’s all will, and we don’t have that as a team.

“You can have it as individuals. I can have that myself. Anyone one can have that. But if you don’t collectively have that, it’s, like, if you put a team together and it’s, like, one guy can really get after it, nobody else brings anything on that of the body, they don’t even bring effort, you can put Steph Curry or Kevin Durant or anybody else out there on offense, if no one else is going to want to do the extra things, then it doesn’t work.

“You have to do it collectively. That is a huge responsibility that falls on my shoulders. And I haven’t gotten us there.”

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