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Photo: Phoenix Suns/YouTube screenshot

Suns ahead Grayson Allen shared his perspective on the crew’s dynamic, saying that the crew doesn’t essentially require a conventional level guard heading into the season.

Allen identified that the Big 3 of Devin Booker, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal possess not solely scoring prowess but in addition adept playmaking talents.

Highlighting the function of Jusuf Nurkic throughout the crew, Allen remarked that the middle usually assumes the obligations akin to these of a degree guard.

With Nurkic’s facilitation abilities, the Suns can swiftly maneuver the ball down the court docket even beneath strain, making the absence of a conventional level guard much less of a priority.

“I didn’t think we needed one,” Allen mentioned. “Our Big 3 of guys, they’re scorers, but they’re playmakers, so they’re good at just playing basketball. You can put them in all different spots on the floor and they can be effective as playmakers.”

“And then having Nurk is kind of like when we a lot of times, like, if I’m out there with the guys, it’s me and Nurk with those three, Nurk is essentially our point guard and he has the ball at the top of the key a lot.

“We’re running off different actions around him, he’s directing traffic, going into DHOS, handling the ball while we’re getting in the split actions.

“But in terms of bringing it up, it’s whoever can get it up the fastest. If someone has a pest on them, it’s easy to just kick it to someone else and let them bring it up. So I don’t think we need someone up there just dribbling and running the show from that traditional point.”

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