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Atlanta Hawks sophomore Jalen Johnson says he’s very appreciative for his time spent within the NBA G League with the College Park Skyhawks.

(by way of atl hawks followers):

Reporter: “How do you feel like the Skyhawks have helped you get to the point you’re at right now?”

Johnson: “It’s helped so much, to be honest. I don’t think if I wasn’t to go to the G League last year, I wouldn’t understand and enjoy the process as much as I would now. I’m starting to just learn each and every game, just control what you can control and get better each game. And that’s reflective of what happened in the G League. I didn’t get off to strong starts, had bad games, and it was just kinda like, ‘Next game. We got a game coming up. There’s a lot of games.’ So the Skyhawks has helped me tremendously. During that time, of course, I was kinda blinded by seeing the bigger picture and all that, but the front office and my coaches did a great job of just keeping me locked in throughout it. So yeah, it’s helped me big time.”

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