Kenyon Martin obliterates ESPN Top 150 NBA gamers checklist: “Horsesh*t!” – Mahaz News

Former NBA standout Kenyon Martin didn’t mince phrases when expressing his disdain for the lately revealed ESPN Top 150 NBA gamers checklist, taking purpose at varied rankings that he discovered notably irksome.

His strongest objections have been aimed on the placement of Mavericks’ star Kyrie Irving on the thirty fifth spot and Clippers’ level guard Russell Westbrook at a modest #94.

Martin’s frustration additionally prolonged to ESPN’s choice to incorporate two rookies, Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson, within the rankings.

In an emotionally charged outburst on Gil’s Arena, Martin declared, “That list is horsesh*t… Show me 33 people better than Kyrie Irving in the NBA. Start there. Show me f*cking 93 other people better than Russell Westbrook in the NBA.

“You got two people on the list that ain’t played one f*cking NBA minute. How the f*ck are they better than Russ? You f*cking idiots over there doing this bullsh*t.”

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