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Former NBA champion Kevin Garnett thinks that the Mavericks have the very best duo within the NBA after Kyrie Irving joined Luka Doncic in Dallas.

“It’s no better two. There’s no better two in the West,” KG mentioned. “You can arguably say Kawhi and PG. But there’s no better two in the West. There’s no better two motherf*ckers that can… Luka can literally sit out a whole quarter and it can be Kai… Two-headed monster? Sh*t.

“Let’s do this. We talkin’ about the top ten ones who got ones in the league. Both of them are on the list, the top ten… This [Luka] the younger version, they get you 60/10/8, Man, get the f*ck out of here. By himself. On one leg and they ain’t even near real shape.”

Garnett’s former teammate on the championship-winning Celtics staff Paul Pierce then requested him if the Mavericks can go to the finals.

“Boy, real sh*t,” the 15-time NBA All-Star mentioned. “Because you know what they got too? They got a bunch of motherf*cking pieces that you need to just block shots, just rebound…

“What we saw and they was doing early. Now Finney-Smith? They gone. Dinwiddie? They gone. All the pieces they had that was making that defense – those pieces are gone. Guess what? This kid Green, he plays hard. That’s his asset. He ain’t no three-point shooter, he plays hard. Watch.

“In order to climb they gonna have to play some defense. And they gonna have to be a better road team. Two things that Kyrie gives them.”

So far Doncic and Irving have participant three video games collectively and misplaced on all three events.

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