Mac McClung reacts to profitable NBA Slam Dunk Contest – Mahaz News

Mac McClung, who was just lately picked up by the 76ers from the G League, could not have a assured contract within the NBA, however he’s the league’s Slam Dunk Contest winner.

The 24-year-old level guard was requested concerning the media to share his feelings after profitable the Dunk Contest.

“Just a lot of gratitude,” McClung stated. “It’s really a blur to be honest with you. I think probably a lot of stuff’s happening on the internet and everything, I haven’t checked.

“Really just grateful. I had a lot of help. It wasn’t just me, I had Chuck and my best friends call me every night trying to give me ideas. It was a lot of fun out there.”

When it involves inspiration, McClung says he appreciated a few of the biggest dunker of the latest many years.

“I loved Vince Carter,” he stated. “Just watching the Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon Dunk Contest it was just something that I enjoyed so much. I said, ‘If I get to be a part of this one day, I hope to make an impact like those guys.’ Got a lot of inspiration from them.”

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