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Los Angeles Clippers’ ahead Paul George backtracked on his earlier evaluation of Victor Wembanyama’s entry into the NBA, acknowledging the French rookie’s outstanding show throughout preseason video games.

Expressing his shock at Wembanyama’s seemingly easy transition into the league, George admitted that he underestimated the younger participant’s skills.

Observing Wembanyama’s on-court maneuvers, together with commanding lob dunks and spectacular defensive performs, George emphasised the potential influence of the French expertise’s towering wingspan on opponents’ offensive methods.

While beforehand expressing reservations in regards to the challenges Wembanyama would possibly face, George now acknowledges the 19-year-old’s distinctive expertise, significantly highlighting his potential as a dominant shot blocker within the league.

“I take back everything I said,” George mentioned on his podcast. “I knew he was gonna be successful in the league, but I thought it was gonna be tougher than what he’s making it look right now.

“I mean, he still hasn’t played the league yet, but some of the stuff he’s doing, dog… Threw it to the wing, called for the lob at the 3-point line knowing nobody else can go get that, dunked it… Dunked on Thomas Bryant…

“This goes back to Draymond [Green]’s point – worst case he’s gonna be one of the best shot blockers.

“A lot of times I put myself in other players’ shoes, like ‘Alright, what would have I done right there?’ And a lot of those possessions, it’s like damn, when I get to the paint, I’m gonna have to look like he’s contesting, I might beat my guy, he’s gonna get pulled in, I might think he’s way on the 3-point line but his wingspan, he’s still covering me.

“It’s gonna be different. You gonna have people really thinking about how they gonna get this shot off.”

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