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Photo: Philadelphia 76ers/X

Philadelphia 76ers veteran PJ Tucker needs to be remembered as probably the most unselfish participant that all of his previous teammates and coaches has ever been round when he retires. 

(through Philadelphia 76ers):

Lauren Rosen: “When you retire one day in many, many years, how do you want teammates, people that you worked with, coaches…how do you want people to remember PJ Tucker? What do you want them to say about you when you stop dribbling?”

Tucker: “I would just say that I’m the most selfless player that they probably played with. It’s never about me, I’m all about winning. Personal stats and things like that don’t really matter to me, it’s more about seeing my teammates do well and seeing us win together. There’s nothing like that comradery that comes with winning together, and it’s relationships for life. Through your journey, it’s like the best thing. So I think that’s the number one thing I would want my teammates to say.”

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