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Have you ever seen ATP Tour star Rajeev Ram and Tony Finau, among the finest golfers on the planet, in the identical room?

A laughing Ram confessed he’s typically confused for the PGA Tour standout.

“A lot more than I can count. I play a fair bit of golf and whenever I go to a golf course, there’s a good chance that somebody will say something like, ‘Has anybody ever told you you look like Tony Finau?’” Ram stated. “I have my standard response of, ‘Yeah, I do, until they actually watch me play.’”

The skilled athletes have by no means met. Ram has attended golf occasions the place Finau was competing, just like the Ryder Cup in Wisconsin two years in the past. But in these conditions, the tennis participant has by no means been confused for the golfer.

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Fans of Netflix’s Full Swing might need made the connection when watching the episode that options Finau. Ram has not watched the present, however he sees Finau on tv typically.

“Golf is definitely on in our house more than tennis, so I watch him all the time. I love watching golf. It’s probably my favourite sport to watch to be honest, so I definitely root for Tony whenever he’s playing,” Ram stated. “It’s sort of bizarre to be sincere as a result of typically you could have that feeling when somebody says, ‘Oh that looks like you’, and also you don’t actually see it. But I genuinely see it and I really feel like once I watch him on TV I’m like, ‘Man that looks like it really could be me out there.’

“I think it’s cool just because he plays a sport that I love. I love watching it. I don’t know him, but he seems like a top-notch guy.”

When Ram is house, he tries to play golf day by day. The American has turn out to be recognized in tennis for his serve, which seems to be equivalent to Pete Sampras’. But he doesn’t assume he can mimic Finau’s golf swing.

“I probably would say [my handicap is] a 12. I wish I was better. I should be better at certain things that I feel like I have a skill for in tennis, [but] I’m not very good at in golf like some touch and some feel,” Ram stated. “I think my imitation skills stop in tennis. I can’t emulate anything in golf out of anyone. If I could I would pick him for sure, but I can’t do anything. I feel like I’m lucky to make contact a lot of the time in golf.”

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Ram’s longtime buddy and former skilled tennis participant Prakash Amritraj, a present commentator for Tennis Channel, has lengthy believed the tennis participant seems to be like Finau.

“I had to be the first guy that told him. I mean Tony Finau is his doppelganger. I texted him the minute I saw Tony Finau and I said, ‘What are you doing, you’re supposed to be at Indian Wells, but it looks like you’re playing at The Players right now,’” Amritraj stated. “I mean, he wouldn’t buy it. But as soon as you point it out, I have no idea how anybody else doesn’t see only that. It’s wild.”

As humorous because the Finau-Ram connection is to the tennis participant, he’s absolutely centered on the courtroom, the place he partnered Joe Salisbury previous Italians Simone Bolelli and Fabio Fognini on Thursday to achieve the second spherical of the Miami Open offered by Itau.

“It’s been a little bit of a tough stretch for me. I took all of February off after Davis Cup, didn’t do anything at all except try to rehab my achilles,” Ram stated. “The last couple weeks have been tough, but feel like we’re starting to sort of round back into form and play alright. Any time you get a win against those guys is pretty nice just because they’ve been around a while.”

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