Apple Watch Alarms Owner About Fatal Internal Bleeding; Get him Medical on Time

New Delhi: Apple Watch has helped to avoid wasting the wearer`s life, by alerting a few racing pulse following a nap that led to a prognosis of extreme inner bleeding. Taking to Reddit, the proprietor, account named “digitalmofo”, shared the incident with the title, “Well, my Apple Watch 7 just saved my life.” The Redditor talked about {that a} week earlier than the publish, “I had my iPhone/watch on dnd for work, and when I went on lunch I was kind of tired so I laid down on my couch for a quick nap.”

After the nap, the proprietor checked the notifications and had a minimum of 10 notifications stating that the heart beat was racing. “I called out the rest of the day and tried to lay around, but it didn`t stop, so I scheduled a quick video with my Dr. My Dr had me check the times and pulse rates, had me check the oxygen and then went ahead and called 911 for me,” the Redditor added.

The proprietor additional talked about that “severe internal bleeding” was the trigger. “Emergency medical services (EMS) originally said it was a heart attack, but it was GI bleeding. They said had I not got there for a transfusion when I did, I`d not have made it,” the person talked about.

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