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Last Updated: November 21, 2023, 08:30 IST

Phone batteries today are put by way of loads of pressure and wish higher care

Smartphone battery life is a priority for many individuals however fortunately you’ll be able to lengthen the assist with some intelligent ideas.

You can’t keep away from your smartphone today. You want it for searching the net, reserving cab, ordering meals and even making funds. Putting the cellphone by way of all this pressure has a direct impression on its battery life which individuals have tried to compensate for with the assistance of fast-charging tech.

However, individuals would nonetheless like to get extra juice out of their cellphone’s battery with out making it undergo the ultimate proportion. Luckily, tech firms have tweaked the software program which might have a optimistic impression on the battery life so long as you observe the essential hygiene steps to get the best assist.

8 Ways You Can Extend Phone’s Battery Life

Get the newest OS model

You would possibly discover this to be a primary a part of the cellphone however a few of you is perhaps skipping the brand new OS replace or perhaps a firmware model which may assist your cellphone ship higher effectivity. Most of those updates from firms include a change log which normally has particulars about fixing battery drain points. So, subsequent time you see the message pop-up, replace your cellphone straight away.

Use Location Tracking Only Where Needed

Apps like Uber, Maps and extra want entry to your cellphone’s location. Even Instagram wants it for tagging. But there are a lot of different apps that don’t want the entry and you may make positive by way of the settings that using location monitoring is restricted to solely these apps that actually want it. For each different app, you’ll be able to block or allow entry solely together with your consent. Location is tracked utilizing the GPS sensor which consumes loads of battery, so limiting its use means longer battery life.

Don’t Need Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Turned On Always

Many of you don’t realise it however the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons are blinking except you flip them off. So, let’s you might be out for work and utilizing the cellular information, you’ll be able to maintain the Wi-Fi turned off, similar goes for Bluetooth. Keeping them enabled means the sensors are working in overdrive making an attempt to get you linked to a nearest machine. Turn them off and save your cellphone’s battery.

Screen Brightness Dimmed

Screens have grow to be extraordinarily highly effective today with greater decision and assist for prime refresh charges. These include a stern warning that greater the charges, the extra the battery is consumed. So, we extremely recommend you allow auto-brightness in your cellphone and likewise attempt to maximise the show with the energy-saving instrument.

Use Dark Mode

Google has advocated for darkish mode claiming the function will help you give round 10 per cent extra out of the cellphone’s battery. Phones launching now normally function OLED panels that may profit from adopting darkish mode, serving to ship higher effectivity.

Disable Push Notifications

Phones offer you fixed alerts for breaking news, mails and a lot extra. But you don’t want all of them enabled which saves your cellphone’s battery from the pressure brought on by these push notifications. For most individuals these alerts aren’t that vital so we advise that you simply maintain them off and doubtless use them wherever crucial.

Don’t Let It Heat Up

Phones are power-hungry and that pushes the chipset beneath the hood to crack up the warmth. You discover this occurs when the cellphone is pushed to its restrict with intense gaming or whereas charging. Most firms advise you to cease utilizing the cellphone or cost it when the temperature is above the traditional ranges. And adhering to those ideas can protect your cellphone’s battery well being.

Activate Power-Saving Mode

And sure, it goes with out saying that using power-saving mode is to increase the cellphone’s battery life because it disables all of the power-hungry options, together with push notifications, Wi-Fi and placement.

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