Fantastic. You will not throw your plastic bottles in the trash again!

Do you have a plastic bottle at home? You don’t know how to use it? Did you know that although most empty plastic bottles are thrown into the trash, there are actually many other ways you can reuse them other than drinking?

The durable and flexible plastic bottle quality allows you to recycle creatively for a variety of purposes. Learn a fun way to reuse plastic bottles and you won’t throw plastic bottles into the trash can!

Interesting tips to use with empty plastic bottles!

We will always make sure we have a bottle of water with us when we go anywhere and most of the time we will drink everything. But what happens when we drink it? We usually throw water bottles into the trash because we know nothing special about plastic bottles.

However, there are many interesting things you can do with empty plastic bottles! Next time do not remove empty plastic bottles as you can do many things by taking advantage of them.

1. Spray for your garden

For this trick, you only need the drill or screwdriver so you can pierce a few holes in the bottle. The side of the bottle facing the ground cannot be hollow. The hole is not necessarily the perfect cut. It’s okay if the edges are serrated. Now, you need to adjust the rubber bracelet to the mouth of the bottle and make sure the plastic bottle mouth neatly fits through the hole in the lid. Everything is ready and you have a spray bottle for your garden!

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