Incredible Yachts of the Rich and Famous

If there’s one expensive toy the rich and famous strive to save up for, it’s undoubtedly a yacht. These luxury cities-on-the-sea can cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars – with some superyachts even escalating into the hundreds of millions.

With such a hefty price tag, it takes someone with massive wealth, like Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, to be able to afford such open ocean opulence. On top of employing a small crew of nautical experts full-time to maintain (and navigate) the vessels, the fundamental cost of fuel alone is more than most will pay for college.

Many yacht owners and charters also go the extra mile of supercharging their yachts with all kinds of bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at the most incredible (and incredibly expensive) yachts out there, owned by titans of industry from all over the globe.

1. Eric Clapton

NameVa Bene
Value: $10 million*

Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Eric Clapton owns no less than four of the world’s most expensive guitars – along with one of the world’s most elite superyachts. Dubbed Va Bene, Clapton’s impressive sea vessel was built in the early 1990s by legendary designer Richard Hein. Clapton paid an estimated $10 million to buy it in 2005.


Va Bene is outfitted with twin Caterpillar engines capable of a top speed of 18 knots. Featuring enough cabin space for 25 passengers (including 13 crew members), Clapton actually added additional upgrades including a master suite, jet skis, and kayaks.

And with an estimated net worth hovering around $250 million, Va Bene’s $10 million price tag is a relative drop in the bucket for one of music’s most revered (and profitable) icons. In fact, Clapton consistently ranks among the top dozen richest musicians who ever lived.

2. Graeme Hart

Value: $275 million

New Zealand billionaire and businessman Graeme Hart bought the 107-meter yacht, Andromeda, back when it was named Ulysses. It is an expedition yacht that was first constructed by Kleven Maritime AS. It was moved from their headquarters to Bremerhaven, where it was finished in 2015.


It was finished by Dorries Maritime Services at the Stahlbau Nord shipyard. It has a beam of fifty-nine feet and a top speed of thirty kilometers per hour. It accommodates up to thirty guests and forty-three crewmembers. It is the second yacht of its kind for the builder, Kleven. Its broker is Fraser Yachts.

In true rags-to-riches fashion, Hart built his billion-dollar packaging empire after years working as a truck driver. Later expanding into holdings and consumer goods, Hart quickly became one of the richest men in both New Zealand and the world.

3. J.K. Rowling

Value: $19.2 million*

Once owned by Johnny Depp, Harry Potter mastermind J.K. Rowling bought the gorgeous Amphitrite for a staggering $27 million back in 2015. But with its cutting edge satellite system, 12-knot cruising speed, and multiple guest rooms most believe she paid far less than its actual value.


Rowling reportedly put the ship up for sale just a year after finalizing the purchase. With an asking price of about $19 million, prospective sailors can also charter this luxury vessel for roughly $130,000 a week. Adding that to what Rowling makes every day from her Comcast-owned “Wizarding World” section at Universal Studios makes her one insanely rich lady.

Rowling hasn’t been spotted out at sea in several months, most likely due to her latest writing efforts – including a new novel written under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith. She also runs and finances several philanthropic organizations that keep her relatively landlocked as of late.

4. Oprah

Value: $300 million*

Superstar Oprah made her fortune thanks to her famous CBS talk show. And she took a large slice of those earnings to finance one very pricey purchase some years ago: a superyacht called Trending. Built by Westport, Trending is a whopping 50 meters long and gets a max speed of 24 knots. It hosts twelve guests in six cabins.


The yacht is up for charter, costing $210,000 per week to rent. It was built in 2006 and refitted in 2016. The yacht has staterooms with lavish bathrooms made of onyx. It also has a Sky Lounge and a huge hot tub surrounded by sunbeds.

Oprah’s impressive investing portfolio – which spans the entertainment industry, fashion lines, and even retail – has made her not only one of the richest women in America but also one of the richest humans on planet Earth. This stunning $300 million toy is likely a drop in the bucket to this superstar billionaire.

5. Simon Cowell

Value: $73 million*

Simon Cowell is worth around half a billion – thanks largely to his hit Fox show American Idol – so it makes sense that he would buy one beauty of a yacht. His custom-made yacht, Slipstream, was built by CMN Yachts. It has a deck Jacuzzi, gym, and can house twelve guests and fifteen crew. It also has a beautiful dining area with a deck overlooking the water, as well as a hotel-like master suite.


Cowell’s yacht even has an entrance foyer with a chandelier and sitting room. He was recently spotted on the sixty-meter yacht alongside his young son and his son’s mother. Cowell’s yacht costs $329 thousand per week.

In addition to his long string of memorable TV hosting roles, Cowell owes a large portion of his fortune to early-1990s TV. For example, Cowell successfully brought both Power Rangers and Teletubbies to American audiences.

6. Elton John

NameWabi Sabi
Value: $26 million*

Wabi Sabi is Elton John’s superyacht, and the English singer hired an American builder, Westport, to construct the yacht in their Washington shipyard. The British rock star reportedly paid for the yacht with the earnings from his famous Coca-Cola commercials (among other profitable cross-promotions).


The yacht was designed by Donald Starkey, and it was built to Elton’s specifications. It is bright white, and it has been spotted in some of the most remote locations in the world. The yacht is also one of the larger yachts on this list, accommodation-wise. It can house eighteen guests in eight luxury cabins. It sports twin MTU engines with 3650 horsepower, giving the superyacht a cruising speed of 15 yachts.

The legendary British rock star has accrued an incredible fortune over the years built on his own brand of glam rock. With multiple Platinum-selling albums and more hit singles than most musicians could ever dream of, Elton John’s yacht is a reminder of just how far he’s come since his early days.

7. Steven Spielberg

NameSeven Seas
Value: $150 million*

Owned by illustrious Hollywood filmmaker Steven Spielberg, Seven Seas is one of the most elegant superyachts on the water. Tastefully adorned with walnut and teak interiors, the Oscar winner commissioned the yacht back in 2010, even designing its signature feature: a massive glass wall alongside the pool that doubles as a poolside movie theater screen. Just don’t try it while watching Jaws.


As an avid seafarer, Spielberg has reportedly begun charting Seven Seas for more than $1 million a month ahead of plans to sell it all together – to make way for a new, even bigger yacht currently being built.

In addition to his billion-dollar grossing films as a director, Spielberg’s work as a producer has rightfully secured him the distinction as one of Hollywood’s most bankable employees. For example, he produced the Transformers series for Universal – generating an entire franchise that includes toys, theme parks, and video games.

8. Mariah Carey

Value: $17.6 million*

The “Songbird Supreme” Mariah Carey owns 192 feet of pure nautical wonder. Dubbed the Capri, this luxury superyacht comes equipped with not one, but two onboard bars – along with a Jacuzzi, a spa, Carey’s personal library, and one of the plushest master suites ever seen on the open seas.


With operating costs close to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, Carey paid extra for a supercharged motor system, as well as a signature touch: a full-time chef who caters to Carey’s guests (and the diva herself) whenever the vessel is out to sea.

Carey’s vast fortune took many epic turns over the years. But the singer’s incredible voice always managed to remind audiences (and ticket buyers) that there’s simply no talent like her out there, even all these decades later.

9. Bono

Value: $11.5 million*

Constructed by one of the most prestigious ship-builders in the biz (the Italy-based firm Codecasa), Bono’s impressive yacht Cyan comes with a surplus of seaworthy treats. Onboard jet skis, hot tubs, and an outdoor movie theater are just a few of its luxury features.


But the U2 rock star added his own personal touch to the craft: a state-of-the-art stereo system that runs throughout the entire vessel. He also added his favorite color, blue, to the ship’s exterior – and threw in a grand piano on the deck, too.

As one of the most successful names in the music business, Bono built a massive, billion-dollar empire that began in entertainment and has since expanded to include philanthropy, foreign aid, and even feature films.

10. Billy Joel

Value: $1.3 million*

With more than 40 classic hit songs under his belt, iconic singer-songwriter Billy Joel has spent years investing in boating. He’s personally overseen the design of several of his own personal yachts – but Vendetta may be his most brilliant (and expensive) of them all.


Designed in the style of a classic 1920s Motoryacht, this sleek craft is perfect for quick getaways and joy rides on the open sea. Its cockpit-style hull conceals an unusually spacious cabin below. And thanks to its resin-infused hull it can hit max speeds topping 40 knots.

Now in his 70s, Joel initially emerged into the music scene in the 1970s as one of the most genuine and easygoing voices on the radio. Audiences instantly connected to his irony-free ballads of American life. Several best-selling albums later, he owns an entire empire fueled by his classic music.

11. Nicolas Cage

Value: $20 million*

In an attempt to streamline his luxurious lifestyle (and costs), Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage decided to sell off one of his most prized possessions: his luxury superyacht, Sarita. With enough space to comfortably house a dozen passengers, Sarita’s standout feature was undoubtedly its ornate, wood-carved dining room.


After reportedly paying somewhere around $20 million for this slice of maritime heaven, it’s believed that Cage sold it off for an undisclosed sum – though it recently wound up back on the market for closer to $29 million.

Transitioning between huge Hollywood hits like Con Air and more ambitious art-house fare like Adaptation, Cage’s uncanny all-or-nothing style of acting has seen incredible highs and equally amazing lows. But make no mistake: Cage is one of the hardest-working actors in the business, consistently acting in multiple films a year.

12. David Beckham

Value: $4 million*

The soccer legend and his wife (former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham) own one beauty of a yacht. Equipped with its own onboard gym, the SeaFair is a bit on the smaller side compared to other celebrity vessels out there. But the Beckhams pumped millions of dollars into renovating it over the years, supercharging its luxury features.


Nicknamed “The Sophisticated Lady,” the Beckham’s boat can comfortably accommodate up to 8 couples. The couple reportedly sacrificed additional cabin space in order to make way for their onboard art gallery – a truly unique feature at sea.

Beckham carved out a singular, iconic status as one of the most interesting sports stars in the world following a string of championship wins in the UK. But he turned his success on the soccer field into international dollars with memorable film and TV deals, as well as video game licensing contracts to use his likeness.

13. Richard Branson

NameNecker Belle
Value: $6.6 million*

Hailed as one of the best-refitted superyachts in the world by the World Superyacht Awards back in 2010, Richard Branson’s Necker Belle is a standout in the water for all kinds of reasons. He laid down more than $6 million to buy it and spent two years renovating it into a work of nautical brilliance.


For example, the Necker Belle’s powerful engine makes it one of the faster yachts in the world (Branson once clocked it clearing a top speed of 20 knots). Up until recently, Branson was offering limited-time charters at $60,000 a week as part of Virgin’s Limited Edition collection.

The Virgin founder and CEO has long been hailed as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the modern world. With a literal arsenal of vehicles at his disposal (including a potential lunar module for spaceflight), Necker Belle still manages to stand out as one of the slickest toys in Branson’s fleet.

14. Tiger Woods

Value: $20 million*

Doubling as his second home, Tiger Woods paid an estimated $20 million for his super-charged nautical wonder, the aptly-named Privacy. At 155 feet in length, Privacy is designed for smaller parties of 15 or 20 passengers (as opposed to massive gatherings). But its spacious rooms, including 5 guest rooms, more than make up for its relatively sleeker size.


Woods has been known to live aboard the Privacy while on the road for his golf tours and matches. While that certainly saves on hotel costs, it’s probably just a small dent of the reported $2 million in years operational costs it takes to keep Privacy in working order.

Woods quickly ascended to the top of the sports world (and many Wheaties boxes) after multiple back-to-back wins on the PGA Tour. An iconic sports figure who consistently performed well under immense pressure, Woods continues to challenge the golf world even all these years and championship wins later.

15. Alisher Usmanov

Value: $800 million*

Business magnate Alisher Usmanov has a net worth of around thirteen billion USD, so it makes sense that he has a mega-yacht to go with his wealth. The Al Raya is a yacht constructed in 2008 by the yacht company, Lurssen. It was named Dilbar originally, after Usmanov’s mother.


Al Raya is the thirty-second largest yacht in the world. It is tied with Radiant, her sister ship. It is 361 feet long and has a weight of 4,100 tons. Its beam measures fifty-two feet, and it takes forty-eight crew members to keep the yacht running. It is one of Lurssen’s finest creations.

With an estimated $11 billion fortune at his disposal, Usmanov consistently ranks among the top 20 richest people in the world. Most billionaires would balk at a yacht with an $800 million price tag – but for Usmanov, this cost is likely just a drop in the bucket.

16. Brad Pitt

NameGhost II
Value: $7 million*

Once a regular getaway for superstar Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the Ghost II is a supercharged yacht that hails from Australia. At just 120 feet in length, the Ghost II was designed for private getaways. Indeed, Pitt and Jolie were often spotted with their kids aboard the deck.


But the Oscar-winning leading man took an extra step to ensure his family’s privacy. He reportedly installed signal-jamming tech in the Ghost II’s hull that disables anyone trying to snap a photo from within range of the boat.

Indeed, following his glory years as one of Hollywood’s top leading men, Pitt has decreased his public appearances over the years, often focusing more on his producing work than his acting (though he still managed to snag his first Oscar win for 2019’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood…).

17. Nicole Kidman

Value: $4.5 million*

Sharing the Oscar winner’s own Hawaiian name, the Hokulani is a stunning 150-foot yacht owned by Nicole Kidman. The starlet originally kept the vessel at her Sydney property, but decided to put it up for sale after relocating to the United States with her husband Keith Urban.


Hokulani is distinctive for its posh, sporty interior (including one of the more open sun decks out there), as well as features like a private movie theater and a special sunbathing deck. But its iconic champagne-colored exterior makes it one of the more recognizable vessels on the open seas.

Kidman relocated to Hollywood in the 1990s after achieving minor success in Australia’s film and TV industry. But following breakthrough roles in massive hits like Batman Forever, she quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars.

18. Jason Momoa

Name: Unknown

Jason Momoa and his friend, Chris Sharma, were spotted on a chartered yacht off the coast of Mallorca, soaking up the sun. The Game of Thrones star didn’t just spend time yachting; he also saw the sites around Mallorca, climbing the cliffs. Momoa and Sharma are fans of the (somewhat) death-defying sport of deep water soloing climbs.


Deepwater soloing climbing involves scaling cliffs with no ropes. Only the water is your safety net. After all of that climbing and adventuring, Momoa and his friends were glad to kick back on a yacht. They also dined at the Jumeirah Hotel, one of the most luxurious spots in Mallorca.

19. Jerry Jones

NameBravo Eugenia
Value: $225 million*

Jerry Jones is the owner of the NFL team Dallas Cowboys, and the billionaire is also the new owner of a 357-foot superyacht, called the Eugenia. It was designed by Nuvolari Lenard and actually costs more than Jones paid to purchase the Cowboys back in 1989. The long-standing NFL owner hired Oceanco to build the yacht.


Named after Jerry Jones’ wife, the Eugenia is fuel-efficient and ecologically friendly. It is artfully designed with sharp lines and angles, and the interior was designed by Reymond Langton. Jones, who has a net worth of eight billion, did not skimp on the lavish décor.

While many sports team owners have little hands-on experience in sports themselves, Jones was a star football player in college, bringing the University of Arkansas to the National Championship in 1964. Little did he know that he would someday own one of the NFL’s most beloved teams himself!

20. James Packer

NameArctic P
Value: $200 million*

Australian billionaire James Packer is the heir to the fortune from the company his grandfather, Sir Douglas Hewson, founded. That company, Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd., controls investments all over the world. With billions of dollars at his disposal, Packer bought one of the most expensive superyachts to ever hit the open seas: the Arctic P.


The yacht weighs 3,600 tons, and it has MTU 16V4000 engines to power it, with a max speed of nineteen knots. Packer’s preferred yacht designer was RWD, and the 108M yacht can house twenty-two guests in eleven cabins, not including crew.

Indeed, with a $200 million price tag, a billionaire like Packer (one of the world’s richest men) is one of only a few people on Earth who could ever actually comfortably afford it. And that’s not factoring in the upkeep costs or the cost of fuel!

21. Dennis Washington

Value: $150 million

Montana billionaire Dennis Washington’s yacht, ominously named Collision, is a 332-foot Attesa IV. The yacht stretches one hundred meters and houses up to twenty-eight passengers in fourteen cabins. It also houses up to twenty-one crew in ten cabins. It was built by Evergreen Shipyard and designed by Glade Johnson, Inc.


It was launched in 1999. The yacht gets a speedy twenty-three knots maximum. Ironically, the yacht was involved in a collision. It collided with a sports fisher boat and the damage was extensive. The yacht, which originally was intended for the founder of Evergreen, is currently undergoing a refit as a result.

Fittingly, Washington built his empire with water. After overseeing the construction of some of America’s biggest hydroelectric dam, Washington expanded his holdings into the Seaspan Marine Corporation (of which he is a current owner).

22. Michael Jordan

NameMr. Terrible
Value: $80 million*

Michael Jordan is a billionaire, and he made his money both from becoming one of the world’s greatest basketball players and from becoming a savvy businessman with lucrative Nike deals that have made him millions. Jordan bought an $80 million yacht. The yacht is 230 feet long. It has a bar, full gym, dining room, eight cabins, Jacuzzi, and more.


It has its own satellite and audiovisual system, as well as, of course, a full-size basketball court. The yacht costs $840,000 per week to operate. Jordan is often spotted on the yacht celebrating the New Year in luxurious style.

While Jordan’s time in the NBA with the Bulls is nothing short of legendary, his post-Bulls career has also proven to be incredibly lucrative. Jordan currently runs his own film/TV production outlet, and he’s also a part-owner of the Chicago Hornets.

23. Giorgio Armani

Value: $60 million*

Giorgio Armani is one of the world’s most luxurious designers, and he is the head of the Armani Group, which controls the leading house of fashion. Armani’s yacht was designed by Armani himself, and it was built by Codecasa. The 65-meter yacht is one of the largest ever built by the yacht builder.


Armani’s yacht is recognizable by her dark hull color and sleek interior. The hull color is a dark, forest green not often sees on the open water. The yacht was delivered to Armani in 2008, and it is now available for charter. The yacht is also distinguishable by its oversized, pointed prow.

Originally born in a small town in Italy, Armani attempted a career in the military before getting a job at a department store, where he’d learn the ins and outs of fashion. Within a decade he would build one of the largest fashion brands in the world, and become one of the world’s richest figures in the process.

24. Bill Duker

Value: $300 million

Billionaire Bill Duker is the owner of a 230-foot superyacht, named Sybaris, that is the sister yacht to the fifty-two meter Feadship yacht Rasselas, which he also owns. The Sybaris is the largest superyacht ever built by Perini Navi, an Italian company. Duker described the yacht as “the boat of his dreams.”


It has two masts and won the title of Best Interior at the renowned Monaco Yacht Show. Duker came up with the concept for the modern interior twenty-two years ago when he and his son, West, would sail on the much smaller Palmer Johnson sailboat they owned.

The former Manhattan-based lawyer Duker initially carved out his fortune as one of America’s leading antitrust experts. Later expanding into venture capitalism, Duker has since made pricey purchases both at sea with this yacht and on land in real estate.

25. Bernard Arnault

Value: $150 million*

Bernard Arnault is the richest man in the entire country of France, with a net worth of $89 billion. His yacht, Symphony, was built by Feadship and can accommodate up to thirty-six passengers. It was launched in 2015. The 102-meter yacht is the largest ever built in the Netherlands. It even had issues at its launch because of the narrow Dutch waterways.


Symphony has a six-meter swimming pool on its main deck, and the pool has a unique glass bottom. Symphony also has an outdoor theater, located on its bridge deck, and a jacuzzi located on its sundeck. Tim Heywood designed the exterior.

26. Sean “Diddy” Combs

NameThe Maraya
Value: $820 million*

According to Forbes, P. Diddy is the richest man in rap music. So reports that Combs bought an $820 million yacht sounds exactly right. The Maraya was constructed in 2007 by Ferretti Group, an Italian company that built the ship in their Italian shipyard. The Maraya has an elevator, tenders, a hot tub, and a dance floor.


It also includes a gym, private movie theater, and a balcony that can be folded outward. The Maraya is reasonably spacious, housing up to twelve guests in its six cabins. It is a 54-meter yacht, fitted on the interior in dark wood.

27. Diane von Furstenberg

Value: $70 million*

Eos is a yacht so famous she has her own Wikipedia page. The yacht is named after the Greek goddess of dawn, Eos, and it was originally purchased by Barry Diller, the movie producer husband of designer Diane von Furstenberg. It has a figurehead, sculpted by artist Anh Duong, of Furstenburg herself.


It is 93 meters and is one of the largest superyachts in the world. It has 61-meter-high masts, and it launched in Bremen, Germany after taking three years to build in the Lurssen yard. The design of its interior is not widely-known, but there is rumored to be a glass staircase.

Renowned for her cutting-edge fashion brand that took the world by storm in the 1970s, Furstenberg’s contribution to pop culture can be wrapped up (pun intended) by the mainstreaming of her beloved wrap dress. This single dress alone ignited an industry revolution and paved the way for a billion-dollar brand.

28. Gwyneth Paltrow

Value: $65 million*

Gwyneth Paltrow was most recently spotted on the charter yacht, the Silolona, which she and her family used when they toured Myanmar and Indonesia. The yacht is 164 feet long, and it was originally designed to look like a trade boat common in traditional Indonesia.


She and her children chartered the yacht for their tours of the islands. Whenever they landed on a new island, Paltrow, who is known for being environmentally-conscious, and her kids would spend twenty minutes first picking up any debris they saw on the shoreline. Silolona costs around $210,000 per week just to operate.

29. Rihanna

Value: $18.8 million*

Rihanna has been spotted on her yacht, Latitude, many times since the ship first set sail in 2011. The 172-foot yacht, which costs $300,000 per week to charter, sports Rihanna’s private beauty salon, massage rooms, a private studio, and an alfresco dining room. Its interior is clad in dark wood and earth tones, and there is an elevator that goes to all five decks.


The fly deck has sun pads and lounge chairs for maximum relaxation. Latitude can accommodate up to twelve guests in its staterooms, all of which have high-tech, top-notch entertainment, and audiovisual systems. Rihanna, who is worth $600 million, can easily afford it.

30. Tony Parker

NameKando 110
Value: $7.3 million*

NBA superstar Tony Parker had his yacht, the Kando 110, designed in August 2019 by acclaimed Turkish ship makers from AvA Yachts. The yacht can house twelve guests in its six cabins. It is 35 meters long, and it has 650HP engines and a double captain’s cabin. Parker was reportedly very careful about selecting the building company.


AvA stated that Parker visited their yard three times to interview the company in a “rigorous procedure.” The Kando series of yachts has been an AvA special for a while. The shipyard recently made a public statement promising to deliver Parker a yacht that will “surpass expectations.”

31. David Gilmour

Value: $2.8 million*

The Astoria is a luxury houseboat that was purchased by David Gilmour, the guitarist for Pink Floyd. Gilmour bought the Astoria in 1986 because he was taken with its beauty. The boat wasn’t designed by Gilmour (or at his instructions); it was actually constructed back in 1911 by Fred Karno, an impresario.


Karno owned The Karsino, located at Tagg’s Island, and he wanted a houseboat that would dwarf all the other boats on the river. And so the Astoria was built. It has a huge deck and sound equipment, as well as tall windows, balustrades, and canopies. It is featured in all of Pink Floyd’s videos.

32. Larry Ellison

Value: $160 million*

Feadship-built yacht Musashi was built in 2011 for billionaire Larry Ellison. The yacht stretches 88 meters and was designed by two companies: De Voogt Naval (for the exterior) and Sinot Exclusive (for the interior). Musashi, which is registered with Lloyd’s in the Caymans, has an elevator connecting all decks.


It also has a swimming pool, an indoor and outdoor gym, a movie theater, spa, air conditioning, and speed stabilizers. Ellison is the founder of Oracle, and, with a net worth of $66.1 billion, can easily afford this yacht. Musashi costs around $160 million, making it one of the more expensive ships on this list.

33. Roman Abramovich

Value: $500 million*

Roman Abramovich is the Russian oligarch who once owned Justin Bieber’s yacht, Ecstasea. Now, Abramovich has moved on to a new yacht, EclipseEclipse, which cost half a billion to make, launched in 2009 and officially hit the seas in 2010. Eclipse has many impressive amenities, including twenty-four guest cabins, hot tubs, a disco hall, two pools, three launch boats, and a submarine.


It takes a whopping seventy crew members to keep Eclipse in gear. Another cool feature is the ship’s advanced security system. Abramovich also has a missile detection system installed in the Eclipse.

34. David Geffen

NameRising Sun
Value: $400 million*

David Geffen, who is the businessman behind Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks film studio, is a billionaire who owns the yacht Rising Sun. The motor yacht, which was constructed in 2004 by Germany company Lurssen, was originally owned by billionaire Larry Ellison. At the time Geffen owned just half a share of the vessel.


Geffen expanded his ownership drastically after falling in love with the superyacht. And even just looking at it, it’s not hard to understand why. Rising Sun is 138 meters, making it the world’s twelfth-longest yacht. Geffen has hosted tons of celebrities, such as Katy Perry and Chris Rock, on the yacht, and it is considered a major status symbol to be photographed on the Rising Sun.

35. Steve Jobs’ Family

Value: $120 million*

Steve Jobs passed away in 2011, but his all-white, futuristic superyacht, Venus, is still owned by his wife, Laurene Powell Jobs. Venus was built by Feadship and designed by Ubik, a design company headed by Phillippe Starck. The yacht, tragically, was not unveiled until 2012, after Jobs’ death.


Venus has sailed all around the world from its original location of Aalsmeer, Netherlands, where it was built. In 2015, Venus got a refit and a new hull. The beam measures thirty-seven feet. It is more than seventy-eight meters long. The bridge is full of Apple computers, as part of its super-high-tech foundation.

36. Johnny Depp

Value: $12 million*

Johnny Depp’s gorgeous superyacht Vajoliroja was once the actor’s most prized and personal possession. Between movie gigs, Depp would reportedly stow away on the vessel for weeks on end to escape to his personal island in the Bahamas. But in an effort to cut down on his personal expenses, Depp has now put his beloved ship up for charter.


For the debatably worthwhile price of about $130,000 a week, wealthy travelers can actually rent Depp’s boat for their own sea getaways. Featuring a classic 1930’s style with a strong Art Deco twist (and a big-screen TV in every room), it’s easy to see how Depp could spend so many hours aboard this beauty of a yacht.

37. Dolce & Gabbana

NameRegina D’Italia
Value: $19 million*

Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana have formed one of fashion’s most well-known and well-respected partnerships. They aren’t just partners in their fashion label, Dolce & Gabbana; they also own a yacht together. The fashion icons used the Italian company, Codecasa, to build their yacht in 2008.


It is named “Regina d’Italia,” which means, as you may have guessed, the Queen of Italy. The yacht is fifty meters and is very flamboyant. The interior of the yacht has a metallic design with alfresco lounge areas. There is a sundeck with a 360 view. The boat also has an inflatable water slide.

38. Sir Philip Green

Value: $150 million*

The ninety-meter yacht Lionheart was built and designed by Benetti. It has six cabins, housing up to twelve passengers, and it has fifteen crew cabins. Lionheart was launched in 2016, and it gets a maximum speed of eighteen knots. Phillip Green’s net worth, as the head of Arcadia Group, is in the billions.


His yacht is similarly lavish, and it holds the distinction of being one of Benetti’s largest yachts ever constructed. Green bases his yacht in Monaco. Yachts seem to run in the family, as Green’s businessman stepson, Brett Palos, owns Illusion V, a fifty-eight-meter yacht. This is Green’s third yacht.

39. Elena Ambrosiadou

NameMaltese Falcon
Value: $200 million*

The Maltese Falcon Yacht was commissioned first by Tom Perkins. It uses advanced DynaRig technology, and it is a fully-rigged ship. It is 289 feet, making it one of the world’s largest, most complex sailing yachts. The idea behind the Maltese Falcon’s DynaRig concept is to save fuel and use as few crewmembers as possible.


The huge, three self-supporting carbon-fiber masts were actually manufactured by Perini Navi. The vessel was designed by Dykstra Naval Architects. The sailing yacht weighs 1,157 tons. It has had famous passengers such as Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, and Larry Page charter it for a vacation.

40. Jackie Chan

Value: $10 million*

Actor and martial artist Jackie Chan launched his yacht in July of 2019. The 46-meter superyacht launched from Chan’s native China. It was built in the Huludao Yacht Industry Park facility and launched by company Jinlong. It was designed by Mulder Design. It has twin MTU engines.


It gets up to twenty-one knots and an impressive 3,000NM range. The yacht is all-white with black windows. The handover actually took place in a ceremony hosted by Huludao. Chan’s superyacht is his second. He also owns a superyacht that was built by Ruiying, a Chinese builder. Chan is the second-highest-paid actor in the world.

41. Ann Walton Kronke

Value: $150 million*

Ann Walton Kroenke is an heiress to the Walmart fortune, and her Aquila yacht is the largest yacht to be built in America in recent history. The 280-foot yacht was constructed in 2010 and built by the American company Derecktor Shipyards. It was refitted back in 2016. It was first named Cakewalk.


The designer was Redman Whiteley Dixon of Heywood Design. The yacht sleeps up to twelve, and it has AC, WiFi, a Jacuzzi, gym, elevator, and other swanky features. It also has a private sundeck area right near the master cabin, as well as a new home theater. Its design is futuristic.

42. Rafael Nadal

Name: Beethoven
Value: $3 million*

Rafael Nadal is one of many pro-athletes to own a yacht. His costs $3 million—or at least, that is what the tennis star’s asking price is. Beethoven was designed by Nuvolari Lenard, an award-winning interior designer. Monte Carlo Yachts built the yacht, and it is one of the company’s MCY 76 models.


The Nike sponsor said that his yacht gave him the ability to relax from the “constant traveling” that he did while he was playing. Beethoven’s price has since dropped slightly, to around $2.6 million. It remains to be seen who the buyer will be.

43. Morgan Freeman

Name: Afrodesia
Value: $299,500*

Morgan Freeman has been using the same boat, the Afrodesia, for the past two decades up until recently, when he put it up for sale. Afrodesia was built in 1996, and it runs on a Westerbeke 71-C Four Diesel engine. Afrodesia was the Visa sponsor’s boat when he sailed the British Virgin Islands.


Freeman sailed from the Virgin Islands all the way to the Spice Island in Grenada. The boat is reportedly in excellent condition, and the actor has given it tons of navigational upgrades prior to selling. The best part is that all the proceeds from the sale will go to charity.

44. Cristiano Ronaldo

Name: Africa I
Value: $7 million*

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo just recently celebrated his second Serie A title in a row by purchasing a $7 million yacht, which he named Africa I. Africa I has six bedrooms, a sundeck Jacuzzi, a large swim platform, and a gym. Africa I was the N representative’s gift to himself after his team, Juventus, won their ninth title in a row.


Africa I is not Ronaldo’s first yacht, as he previously owned the Aya. Ronaldo was spotted on Africa I in late July of 2020, lounging on the yacht with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez. The two were sailing to Portofino on vacation.

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