19+ Celebrity Moms Who Are Successful on Their Own Terms

The lives of celebrities can be full of controversy and paparazzi, but there is something they can always rely on: their family. Like all of us, showbiz stars have special people in their lives who support them and help them grow.

Without a doubt, the place of honor among most of the people on this list is occupied by their mother. But, celebrity moms are more than just that; they are all successful on their own terms. Join us to explore the lives of these successful moms, who raised some of the biggest stars in the world today.

1. Andrea Swift

Mother of: Taylor Swift
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Andrea Swift, a former marketing professional, is widely recognized as the mother of music icon Taylor Swift. Andrea has been an integral part of Taylor’s career, often seen accompanying her on tours and at award shows.

Andrea Swift - Taylor Swift ©Cooper Neill /Getty Images

Her role in Taylor’s life extends beyond the typical maternal duties, as she has been deeply involved in managing Taylor’s career, particularly in its early stages. Andrea’s unwavering support and guidance have been fundamental to Taylor’s rise to superstardom.

2. Tina Knowles

Mother of: Beyoncé and Solange Knowles
Net worth: $20 million*

Tina Knowles, known for her fashion designing and business acumen, is the mother of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles. She played a crucial role in Beyoncé’s early career, designing costumes for Destiny’s Child.

Tina Knowles Beyoncé and Solange Knowles ©George Pimentel /Getty Images

Her support and guidance have been fundamental in shaping the careers of her daughters, both of whom have achieved considerable success in the music industry.

3. Lynne Spears

Mother of: Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears
Net worth: $5 million*

Lynne Spears, author and mother of pop icon Britney Spears and actress-singer Jamie Lynn Spears, has been a significant figure in her daughters’ lives. Her journey with Britney, from a small-town girl to a global superstar, has been well-documented, including in her memoir about raising a famous child. Lynne’s story is one of resilience and adaptability in the face of the extraordinary challenges of parenting in the public eye.

Lynne Spears - Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears ©Chris Farina /Getty Images

4. Lisa Bonet

Mother of: Zoë Kravitz
Net worth: $14 million*

Lisa Bonet, famed for her role as Denise Huxtable on “The Cosby Show,” is the mother of actress and singer Zoë Kravitz. Lisa’s unique and eclectic style, along with her choices of roles in her acting career, have greatly influenced Zoë’s own path in the entertainment industry.

Lisa Bonet - Zoë Kravitz ©David Livingston /Getty Images

Their mother-daughter relationship exemplifies how personal style and artistic sensibilities can be wonderfully inherited and evolved across generations.

5. Verna Aardema

Mother of: Jeff Bridges
Net worth: Was a renowned author*

Verna Aardema, though not as widely known as her son Jeff Bridges, was an accomplished author of children’s books, known for bringing African folktales to the English-speaking world.

Verna Aardema - Jeff Bridges ©Gregg DeGuire /Getty Images


Her storytelling ability and creative spirit were significant influences in Jeff’s upbringing, nurturing his imagination and artistic inclinations, which later flourished in his acting career.

6. Jane Elizabeth Novis

Mother of: Helen Hunt
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Jane Elizabeth Novis, a photographer, is the mother of the Academy Award-winning actress Helen Hunt. Jane played a pivotal role in nurturing Helen’s interest in the arts.

Jane Elizabeth Novis - Helen Hunt @Google/Pinterest

Helen often credits her mother’s artistic sensibilities and the creative environment she was raised in for influencing her decision to pursue acting. Jane’s support and encouragement were key factors in Helen’s successful career in Hollywood.

7. Susan Brewer

Mother of: Bridget Fonda
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Susan Brewer, an artist, is the mother of actress Bridget Fonda. Coming from a family deeply rooted in Hollywood – Bridget is the granddaughter of Henry Fonda and niece of Jane Fonda – Susan’s role in Bridget’s life was crucial in helping her navigate the pressures of growing up in a famous acting family.

Susan Brewer - Bridget Fonda ©Evening Standard ©Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Susan’s artistic background and understanding of the industry provided Bridget with a unique perspective and grounding in her own acting career.

8. Donna Bell

Mother of: Pauley Perrette
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Donna Bell, the mother of actress Pauley Perrette, known for her role as Abby Sciuto on “NCIS,” played a significant role in Pauley’s life. Although not a public figure herself, Donna’s influence on Pauley’s career choices and her supportive nature have been fundamental to Pauley’s success.

Donna Bell - Pauley Perrette @PauleyP /Twitter

Pauley’s dedication to various charitable causes and her compassionate outlook are attributes she often attributes to the values instilled in her by her mother.

9. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado

Mother of: Shakira
Net worth: $300 million*

The mother of one of the most famous singers in the world is, incredibly, almost unknown to the majority of the public. Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado is not only Shakira’s mother, but she was the one who chose her daughter’s stage name, and, even more importantly, she is the singer’s emotional rock.

Nidia del Carmen Ripoll Torrado @shakira/Instagram.com

Shakira’s mother is a constant presence in her daughter’s life and has supported her since her beginnings in show business and during the singer’s most difficult moments, such as the singer’s recent separation from her partner, footballer Gerard Piqué.

10. Diana Jiménez Medina

Mother of: Salma Hayek
Net worth: $200 million*

Salma Hayek is one of the most recognized Latina actresses around the world. She began her career in Mexico, her homeland, and then sought new horizons in Hollywood. Some time later, she married businessman François-Henri Pinault, and now they both reside in London along with their daughter Valentina Paloma.

Diana Jiménez Medina @salmahayek/Instagram.com

Diana Jiménez Medina is Hayek’s mother, and she is undoubtedly one of the actress’ pillars, especially when it comes to emotional support. Recently, the actress’s mother was supporting her daughter due to a controversy with the Balenciaga brand, which represents the conglomerate of Salma Hayek’s businessman husband.

11. Tish Cyrus

Mother of: Miley Cyrus
Net worth: $20 million*

Tish Cyrus, mother of global pop star Miley Cyrus, is a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. She may be best known as the mom of Miley, but Tish has also successfully created her own space as a television producer and actress herself. Her most notable work includes executive producing the TV series “Doc” and the film “The Last Song,” in which Miley starred.

Tish Cyrus - Miley Cyrus ©Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Known for her strong relationship with her children, Tish has been a rock throughout Miley’s highly publicized journey, offering support and guidance. More than any scandal or rumor, Tish and Miley’s bond highlights the emotional strength that they offer each other.

12. Susana Dosamantes

Mother of: Paulina Rubio
Net worth: $33 million*

Susana Dosamantes had a very fruitful artistic career. Starting in Mexican cinema, the actress made the leap to Hollywood, sharing the screen with John Wayne in Río Lobo (1970). The actress had a great career in national and international cinema, and she unfortunately passed away on July 2, 2022.

Susana Dosamantes ©Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

One of the things that characterized Dosamantes was her determination to keep her life private and out of the spotlight, and she kept a low profile throughout her life. Even so, she was not able to be free from media scrutiny, and at many times she talked about her alleged fights with her daughter, Paulina Rubio.

13. Celia Cuccittini

Mother of: Lionel Messi
Net worth: $400 million*

It is almost impossible to not know who Lionel Messi is, but, if by chance you are part of the 0.00001% of people in the world who have no idea who he is, Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is a 36-year-old Argentine soccer player who has won everything you have to win in football, and he is the idol of young and old.

Celia Cuccittini @lm10fc/Facebook.com

But behind every great man is his mother telling him to bring something to keep warm because it’s cold, and behind Messi is his mother, Celia Cuccittini, who has supported him in every great moment of his life and his career. She was the first person the scorer looked for after winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

14. Donda West

Mother of: Kanye West
Net worth: Was an esteemed professor and chairperson*

Donda West, mother of the famed rapper and fashion designer Kanye West, was a highly respected English professor before retiring to manage her son’s career. Her influence on Kanye’s life and career was profound, as she instilled in him a love for the arts and education. Her untimely passing deeply affected Kanye, who has often publicly expressed how much she meant to him.

Donda West - Kanye West ©Brian Ach /Getty Images

15. Isabel Preysler

Mother of: Enrique Iglesias
Net worth: $600 million*

Isabel Preysler, wife of Julio Iglesias, is the matriarch of one of the most famous and extensive families in the world of entertainment. The couple have three children: Chábeli (María Isabel) Iglesias, Julio José Iglesias (Julio Jr.), and Enrique Iglesias. After her separation from the singer, Isabel Preysler had two more marriages.

Isabel Preysler @valentineOMG/Pinterest.com

The Iglesias clan is very extensive and sometimes semi-controversial. Despite this, Isabel Preysler has always tried to maintain contact with her children and grandchildren to consistently support her loved ones.

16. Marlli Arias

Mother of: Maluma
Net worth: $12 million*

Maluma has established himself as one of the most successful singers today. His fame began in 2011, and thanks to his debut album Magia (2012), he was nominated for a Latin Grammy for Best New Artist. Since that moment, the singer has continued to perform on the world’s stages.

Marlli Arias @UukoSniYzzc/Youtube.com

Without a doubt, one of the most important people in the famous person’s life is his mother, Marlli Arias, who has been by her son’s side to support him on his path to success. At the age of five, Maluma dedicated a bolero to his mother. Fun fact: Maluma’s name is a mixture of the first two letters of his sister’s name, along with letters from his father’s and mother’s names, too.

17. Patti LaBelle

Mother of: Zuri Kye Edwards
Net worth: $60 million*

Patti LaBelle, an American singer, actress, and entrepreneur, is renowned for her powerful vocals and captivating stage presence. She has achieved success in the music industry with hits like “Lady Marmalade” and has also made her mark on Broadway and in television.

Patti LaBelle - Zuri Kye Edwards ©Johnny Nunez/Getty Images

Beyond her impressive career in entertainment, Patti is a devoted mother to her son Zuri Kye Edwards. Their bond is strengthened by Zuri’s role as her manager, intertwining their professional and personal lives in a unique way.

18. Alba Mery Balvin

Mother of: J Balvin
Net worth: $25 million*

José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, better known as J Balvin, is a highly recognized artist and one of the best-selling Latin singers in the world. Balvin has won eleven Billboard Awards, six Latin Grammys, five MTV VMAs, and seven LAMAs, as well as four Grammy nominations.

Alba Mery Balvin @noticiascaracol/Youtube.com

A fundamental part of the famous man’s life is his family, and even more important to him is his mother, Alba Mery Balvin, who is a very big influence in his life. Alba has served as a support and guide for the artist…and she also keeps him on the right path. Recently, the famous man decided to remove some of his tattoos out of respect for his mother.

19. Vidalina Torres

Mother of: Adamari López
Net worth: $7 million*

Adamari López began her career at the young age of six in the soap opera Cristina Bazán, and since then, she has not stopped enchanting the audience with his skills. The presenter continues to take showbiz by storm, and she is an exemplary mother to her daughter Alaïa.

Vidalina Torres @adamarilopez/Instagram.com

The famous woman has stated on several occasions that her best example for how to live life was her mother Vidalina Torres, who was her pillar and support until her death in 2012 after a tough battle against cancer. The famous person remembers her mother with affection, and she also treasures her teachings now that she is also a mother.

20. Astrid Boneta

Mother of: Diego Boneta
Net worth: $3 million*

Diego Boneta is a Mexican singer and actor known recently for his work in the Netflix series Luis Miguel, where he showed off his talent by portraying the Sun of Mexico. Diego Boneta also made his entertainment debut in the reality show Codigo F.A.M.A.

Astrid Boneta @diego/Instagram.com

The actor’s mother has always been behind her son supporting him; she took him to his auditions and was there for him in his first projects. Astrid Boneta, born in the United States, is the mother of two other children apart from Diego, and she also has her own career as a partner in the Mexican clothing brand “La Matilde.”

21. Lorena Díaz

Mother of: Sherlyn
Net worth: $1 millón*

Mexican singer and actress Sherlyn made her debut in 1993 in the film Zapatos Viejos alongside Gloria Trevi. Her career has been full of success, and her appearances on television have captivated viewers since her first steps as a famous woman.

Lorena Díaz @sherlyny/Instagram.com

The support of Lorena Díaz, Sherlyn’s mother, has been very helpful now that the actress is also her mother facing the challenges of this new stage of her life. On social media, Sherlyn shows off her mother and her son, to the delight of her followers.

22. Yolanda Miranda Mange

Mother of: Thalía
Net worth: $60 million*

A Latin artist who needs no introduction, Thalía, began her career in entertainment at a very young age. With the help of her mother, who motivated her to take her first steps, Thalía conquered the stages and hearts of audiences in Latin America and the world.

Yolanda Miranda Mange ©Rodrigo Varela/Getty Images

Without a doubt, Thalía’s mother taught her daughters Thalía, Ernestina, Gabriela, and Federica well, who, despite several conflicts they had over the years, managed to reunite and improve her family life.

23. Nereida Morales

Mother of: Ricky Martin
Net worth: $130 million*

At 50 years old, Ricky Martin has an impressive musical career behind him that includes millions of albums sold, international tours, and millions of fans. The singer was born in Puerto Rico and is the father of four children: Matteo, Valentino, Renn, and Lucía, to whom he gives all his love and attention.

Nereida Morales @dailymail/Pinterest.com

Although his parents separated when Ricky Martin was still a child, the singer maintains a very good relationship with both of them. His father and mother were always very involved in raising him. Upon reaching the top, Ricky Martin bought his mother a beauty salon in Puerto Rico, trying to repay the love and support that she had always given him.

24. Lucero León

Mother of: Lucero
Net worth: $5 million*

Mexico’s sweetheart, Lucero, who began her career as Lucerito, began stealing the hearts of audiences at the young age of ten on shows like Alegrías de Mediodía and Chiquilladas. She also has an impressive music career and has appeared in several successful films.

Lucero León /flickr.com

Lucero León, the singer’s mother, has always been an important person in her daughter’s personal and professional life, as she was the one who looked for opportunities for Lucero to take her first steps towards stardom by doing everything necessary to support the dream.

25. María Eugenia Hurtado

Mother of: Ángelica Rivera
Net worth: $20 million*

Ángelica Rivera is a mother, but, before that, she is a daughter. Angélica’s mother, María Eugenia Hurtado, is a loving woman who her daughter thanks for raising her the way she did: with all her love and unconditional support.

María Eugenia Hurtado @Rivera/Instagram

Clearly Angélica Rivera is proud of her mother, and proof of this can be found on her Instagram, where sometimes you can see a new photo with both of them posing together. María Eugenia Hurtado loves spending time with her daughter and granddaughters. In fact, grandmother, granddaughters, and daughter spent all of 2020’s lockdown together as a family.

26. María del Carmen Vázquez Alcaide

Mother of: Eduardo Capetillo
Net worth: $6 million*

Eduardo Capetillo is a singer and actor who began his career as a member of the group Timbiriche. He left the group in 1989 to begin a solo career, during which he would sell millions of copies and become a sensation on every stage he performed on.

María del Carmen Vázquez Alcaide @CAPETILLO_EDUARDO/INSTAGRAM

In his private life, the Mexican artist focuses entirely on his family, as he likes to spend time with them. In fact, Capetillo’s mother has been living with him and his family for around 20 years on the ranch he owns, located in the State of Mexico.

27. Guadalupe Rodriguez

Mother of: Jennifer Lopez
Net worth: $400 million*

Jennifer Lopez is, for the two people who have lived under a rock all these years, a world-famous singer and actress who has conquered stages and cameras around the world. She is also the wife of Ben Affleck, and has more than 245 million followers on Instagram.

Guadalupe Rodriguez @EntertainmentTonight/youtube.com

The mother of “the Bronx diva”, Guadalupe Rodriguez, is very attached to her daughter, and it is not unusual to see them together and spending time with JLo’s children. Furthermore, the famous woman’s mother has always been in favor of her daughter’s relationship with actor Ben Affleck, despite the multiple rumors of separation.

28. Jada Pinkett Smith

Mother of: Jaden and Willow Smith
Net worth: $50 million*

Jada Pinkett Smith, an actress, singer-songwriter, and businesswoman, has made a name for herself with roles in movies such as “The Nutty Professor” and the “Matrix” series.

Jada Pinkett Smith - Jaden and Willow Smith ©Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

As a mother, she has been instrumental in guiding the careers of her children, Jaden and Willow Smith, both of whom have become successful in the entertainment industry. Jada’s parenting style, focusing on creativity and independence, has been widely discussed and admired.

29. Ella Mireles

Mother of: Eva Longoria
Net worth: $80 million*

The desperate ex-wife Eva Longoria, who is also a businesswoman and film and television director, has established herself as a great figure in the artistic medium, demonstrating her capabilities in front of and behind the cameras. In addition to this, the actress is very active on her social networks, where she shows part of her life to her more than 10 million followers.

Ella Mireles @bodyheightweight/Pinterest.com

The famous woman and her mother, Ella Mireles, have a very close relationship and like to spend time together. In 2020, Longoria celebrated Mother’s Day with a social media post dedicated to Ella, since the health contingency meant that they could not spend such an important day with her beloved mother.

30. Margarita Vergara Dávila

Mother of: Sofia Vergara
Net worth: $170 million*

Sofia Vergara is a Colombian-American actress, model and presenter who has positioned herself on the cusp of stardom. She has received 7 nominations for the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Awards, she has been nominated for the Golden Globe and the Emmy Awards. In 2009 she began her role as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the hit television series Modern Family.

Margarita Vergara Dávila @sumoninfosec /Pinterest.com

Margarita Vergara Dávila, the star’s mother, married Julio Enrique, a wealthy landowner, at a very young age. From that point on, Margarita Vergara dedicated her life to her family. In 1992 she went through a difficult time in her life because she divorced her husband and at the end of the 90’s she went to the United States to live with her daughter. If you look at them together, you will see that Sofia also inherited her mother’s beautiful smile.

31. Goldie Hawn

Mother of: Kate and Oliver Hudson
Net worth: $90 million*

Goldie Hawn is an iconic American actress and producer, renowned for her roles in films like “Private Benjamin,” for which she received the Academy Award for Best Actress. Aside from her illustrious career, she is also mother to successful actors Kate Hudson and Oliver Hudson.

Goldie Hawn - Kate and Oliver Hudson ©Vince Bucci/Getty Images

Goldie has managed to balance her highly successful career with motherhood, often credited with impacting the successful careers of her children in Hollywood. But beyond that, she has fostered a family that remains close to this day, a testament to her success as a mother. The family’s strong bond is highly regarded in Hollywood, a town where familial ties are often secondary to professional needs.

32. María de Lourdes Motta

Mother of: Ana Bárbara
Net worth: $25 million*

Altagracia Ugalde Motta, better known as Ana Bárbara, is a 52-year-old Mexican singer and actress. She was awarded a Latin Grammy in 2005, she has a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Fame, and has more than 40 songs on different Billboard charts. She is also an obligatory reference for the group movement.

María de Lourdes Motta @LaSanjuanerita889fm/Facebook.com

The singer’s mother, María de Lourdes Motta, was crowned in her youth as the queen of the Plum Festival in Aguacaliente de Gárate, and although she never pursued music professionally, she liked to sing for her family. . If you want to know her, take a look at Ana Bárbara’s social networks, which frequently shows off her mother by uploading videos in which she appears singing.

33. Paula Gómez de Fernández

Mother of: Vicente Fernández
Net worth: $25 million*

Born in Guadalajara on February 17, 1940, Vicente Fernández Gómez, nicknamed “Chente” or “El Charro de Huentitán” was a Mexican singer and actor who became a legend. He received awards such as two Grammy Awards, eight Latin Grammys, 14 Lo Nuestro Awards and his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Paula Gómez de Fernández @wallpapersun/Pinterest.com

Paula Gómez de Fernández, Vicente Fernandez’s mother, always encouraged him to follow his dream. “Chente”’s love for his mother is evident in songs like “Perdón, Madrecita,” where he apologizes to her mother for giving part of her heart to a treacherous woman.

34. Irma Nydia Ocampo

Mother of: Sandro
Net worth: $10 million*

Roberto Sánchez Ocampo, better known as Sandro, was a singer considered by many to be the father of Argentine rock, since he was one of the first performers who brought the genre to Latin America. He also ventured into film, and even directed his own project called “Tú Me Loqueces.”

Irma Nydia Ocampo @photos.absoluteelsewhere/Pinterest.com

Sandro’s mother, Irma Nydia Ocampo, was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at age 21, when the singer was barely a year old. “Nina,” as the singer called her, could not do many things, and her son preferred to be by her side all his life, leaving aside his career and everything that was necessary to be close to the woman who gave him life.

35. Marta Navarro

Mother of: Karol G
Net worth: $25 million*

Colombian performer Karol G has taken the music industry by storm, and her song “Tusa” went 28 times Latin platinum, in addition to receiving four Grammy nominations in 2020. With her fourth album, the singer broke records by becoming the first woman to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart with an album in Spanish.

Marta Navarro @imkristinab/Facebook.com

Her fame has brought her recognition, but also criticism that has affected her personally. And not just her, but also her family, especially her mother, Marta Navarro, who felt sad and discouraged when reading comments about her daughter. But the singer’s mother has decided to stop paying attention to those kinds of comments about her famous daughter, and she has encouraged her to turn a deaf ear to her malicious comments.

36. Gloria Fajardo

Mother of: Gloria Estefan
Net worth: $500 million*

Gloria Estefan, Cuban-American singer, songwriter and producer, is one of the best-selling Latin artists in the world. She has won 3 Grammy Awards, 5 Latin Grammys and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom. She began her career as a singer in the group Miami Latin Boys, which would later be called Miami Sound Machine.

Gloria Fajardo @dailymail.co.uk/Pinterest.com

Unfortunately, Gloria Estefan’s mother passed away at 87 years of age. Her devastating loss left the singer with a huge void, but she remembers her mother, Gloria Fajardo, with great affection because she was always a fundamental part of her life. The singer’s daughter, Emily Estefan, also remembered her grandmother with a post on social media showing the close relationship they had.

37. Delia López-Cepero “Tata”

Mother of: Luis Fonsi
Net worth: $20 million*

Luis Alfonso Rodríguez López-Cepero, better known as Luis Fonsi, is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter with an extensive career in the entertainment industry. The artist’s fame skyrocketed to astronomical levels with his song “Despacito,” which he recorded alongside Daddy Yankee. Throughout his career, the renowned artist has always had the unconditional support of his family.

Delia López-Cepero “Tata” @telehit/Facebook.com

The singer’s mother, Delia López-Cepero, has always been by her son’s side, supporting his career and being the pillar of their family. The singer enjoys spending all the time his busy schedule allows with his family, cherishing moments with his parents, nephews, and, of course, his children and wife.

38. Aracely Restrepo

Mother of: Carlos Vives
Net worth: $9 million*

Carlos Vives is a Colombian singer-songwriter and actor known for being a pioneer of Colombian vallenato. Throughout his career, he has received various awards, including two Grammys and 15 Latin Grammys. The 60-year-old artist is recognized worldwide for his talent and charisma, as well as his collaborations with other celebrities, such as the song “Baloncito Viejo,” where he collaborated with Camilo.

Aracely Restrepo @gloriaestefan/Facebook.com

Despite the excellent relationship the singer has with his mother, they became embroiled in controversy when rumors of fights between the singer, his brother, and their mother, Aracely Restrepo, surfaced at the Gaira Café restaurant in Bogotá. Fortunately, the alleged altercation did not escalate, and the singer and his mother are more united than ever.

39. Ana Delia Samso

Mother of: Amanda Miguel
Net worth: $4 million*

Amanda Antonia Miguel Samso, known in the artistic world as Amanda Miguel, is a Mexican-Argentine composer, pianist, and entrepreneur with a significant career in music. She began her artistic journey at the age of four when she learned to play the piano. Later, at the age of 16, she moved to Buenos Aires to study at the Alberto Williams Conservatory.

Ana Delia Samso @ImagenEntretenimiento/Youtube.com

Unfortunately, the singer lost two of the most important people in her life almost simultaneously. Eight months after the death of her husband, the singer-songwriter Diego Verdaguer, Amanda Miguel also lost her mother, Ana Delia Samso, at the age of 86.

40. Mandy Teefey

Mother of: Selena Gomez
Net worth: $800 million*

The incredibly famous singer, actress, producer, and designer Selena Gomez is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the entertainment industry today. She began her career as an actress at the age of 10 in the series “Barney & Friends.”

Mandy Teefey @Alyssa Morin/yahoo.com

The singer’s mother, Mandy Teefey, has always been a fundamental figure in the singer’s development and has supported her at all times. After going through very difficult moments together due to Selena’s diagnosis of lupus, mother and daughter have made a pact not to watch the singer’s new documentary, “My Mind & Me,” until both feel strong enough to do so.

41. Sinuhé Estrabao

Mother of: Camila Cabello
Net worth: $18 million*

The Cuban-Mexican singer-songwriter Camila Cabello rose to fame through her participation in the girl group Fifth Harmony. After the group disbanded, the singer released a song in collaboration with Shawn Mendes that topped charts in the United States and Canada.

Sinuhé Estrabao @cabeywolfhard/Twitter.com

The singer’s mother, Sinuhé Estrabao, originally from Cuba, is an architect who decided to leave Cuba in search of the American dream. They moved to Miami, where a family friend offered them shelter for two months. The singer’s mother has always encouraged her to achieve all her dreams and has propelled her career like no one else.

42. Cristina Nodal

Mother of: Christian Nodal
Net worth: $120 million*

The singer, songwriter, producer, and ex-partner of Belinda, Christian Nodal, needs no introduction. His first single, “Adiós Amor,” was released in 2016 under the Fonovisa label, making Christian Nodal a star in Mexico and the United States.

Cristina Nodal @nodal/Instagram.com

The famous artist has a close relationship with his family, and they spend as much time together as the singer’s numerous commitments allow. In particular, Christian Nodal’s mother, Cristina Nodal, is very close to her son and supports him unconditionally, even in his controversial romantic relationships.

43. Angélica Ortiz

Mother of: Angélica María
Net worth: $10 million*

Screenwriter, filmmaker, and theater producer Angélica Ortiz married Frédéric Hartman, an American musician. From this marriage, Angélica María was born, who would go on to become one of the greatest Mexican actresses and singers. As a theater director, she supported the careers of both her daughter and her granddaughter, Angélica Vale.

Angélica Ortiz @andresbermea/Twitter

Angélica María made her television debut in a program dedicated to Cri Cri, and even as a child, she appeared in no less than 21 films. In 1975, she married the comedian Raúl Vale. She also performed at Madison Square Garden in New York, making it clear that her talent knows no borders.

44. América Griselda Ayes

Mother of: América Ferrera
Net worth: $16 million*

America Ferrera was born in Los Angeles, California, on April 18, 1984. Her parents are Carlos Ferrera and América Griselda Ayes, Honduran immigrants who moved to the United States in pursuit of the American dream. In the U.S., America discovered her affinity for acting.

América Griselda Ayes ©Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

The Ugly Betty actress has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. One of the challenges she faces is not being very fluent in speaking Spanish: she can speak and understand the language, but her parents wanted her transition to life in the United States to be easier, so they spoke more in English than Spanish at home.

45. Enriqueta Ramos

Mother of: Susana Zabaleta
Net worth: $5 million*

Susana Zabaleta’s immense talent has taken her to grand stages and established her as one of the best Mexican singers. After a remarkable career in opera, Susana Zabaleta continued her path to fame by working on television projects as well as solo musical endeavors. She also recorded the songs “¿Qué será? Quiero saber” and “Colores en el viento” for the Disney movie Pocahontas.

Enriqueta Ramos @susanazabaleta/instagram.com

The famous singer’s mother, Enriqueta Ramos, has always been by her daughter’s side, serving as one of her greatest pillars, supporting her at every moment to achieve her dreams. In addition to this, it is undeniable that beauty runs in the family, as photographs on the singer’s social media showcase both her and her mother displaying their grace and elegance.

46. Mónica Souza

Mother of: Karla Souza
Net worth: $2 million*

Karla Olivares Souza, one of the most prominent actresses of the moment, has participated in several highly successful comedies. Souza made her debut in the television series “Terminales” and later appeared in “Nosotros los Nobles,” one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Mexico. She also starred in the movie “¿Qué culpa tiene el niño?”.

Mónica Souza @karlasouza7/Twitter

Mónica Souza, the mother of the famous actress, worked in advertising, and the actress has mentioned that it is from her mother that she inherited her affinity for comedy. Doña Mónica has also been a source of great teachings for her daughter, who says she inherited from her mother the passion and courage to face challenges both in her personal and professional life.

47. Sarah Torres Peralta

Mother of: Benicio del Toro
Net worth: $215 million*

Since actor Benicio del Toro lost his mother at the age of nine, there was an incredible woman who watched over and cared for the actor. Sarah Torres Peralta, a lawyer, was the one who encouraged and taught the actor, serving as a source of inspiration and courage that led him to achieve the success he enjoys today.

Sarah Torres Peralta /YouTube.com

Despite not being his biological mother, Sarah Torres Peralta accompanied Benicio del Toro in every moment of his successful career. The love the actor had for her was evident, and he remembers her as the person who taught him that “dreaming is wanting.”

48. Verónica Castro

Mother of: Cristian Castro
Net worth: $30 million*

Verónica Castro is one of the most successful and recognizable Mexican actresses and singers. Her successes on stage established her as a star, and today she is known as one of the most popular actresses in soap operas, in addition to also being remembered as a presenter on variety shows.

Verónica Castro @haceveinte/Youtube.com

The relationship between this actress and her son, Cristian Castro, is also famous, as they two are very close. This sentiment has even attracted tabloid gossip, as people are not used to seeing a celebrity family that is as close as the Castros.

49. Bárbara de Regil

Mother of: Mar de Regil
Net worth: Unknown

Bárbara de Regil is a famous actress and fitness influencer who has been under the scrutiny of the media in recent years due to various controversies. Recently, it has not only been her in the spotlight, but also her daughter, who went viral after the start of Mar de Regil’s career in the art world did not go as the two expected.

Bárbara de Regil @shabanapadaliya/Pinterest.com

The young artist presented her work, and the costs of the paintings seemed a little too exaggerated to many Internet users, which led the young woman’s mother to come to her defense. If she can’t count on the respect of art critics, at least Mar can be sure that she has the unconditional support of her mother.

50. Silvia Pinal

Mother of: Alejandra Guzmán
Net worth: $100 million*

Silvia Pinal is one of the most important Mexican actresses, and she is considered the “diva of Mexican cinema.” Pinal began her film career with the comedy Dos pesos de dejada, but her first appearance in film was a small role in the 1949 film Bamba.

Los hijos de Silvia Pinal /terra.com.mx

Silvia Pinal’s relationship with her children has not been free of controversy, but despite this, the family tries to stay together. Recently, Alejandra Guzmán, daughter of the actress, showed everyone on her Instagram account how they celebrated Mother’s Day together.

51. Angélica María

Mother of: Angélica Vale
Net worth: $10 million*

Angélica Maria, mother of Angélica Vale, is a Mexican starlet known for her skills as an actress and singer. Her fame reached its peak during the rock and roll era in Mexico. The two Angelicas are very close, and they are incredibly successful, as they have both been able to take advantage of her incredible talent.

Angélica María @CineMovieTV/Youtube.com

Mother and daughter have ventured into acting and music, reaping the fruits of success, although Angélica Vale has focused more on the world of television and theater. Her time in music, although brief, has left its mark. Although some compare the achievements of mother and daughter, the truth is that both are stars in their own right.

52. Glenda Reyna

Mother of: Eiza Gonzáles
Net worth: $5 million*

Glenda Reyna, mother of actress and singer Eiza Gonzales, is an example of strength and maternal love. After the death of her partner in a car accident, the former model had to raise her two children alone.


Glenda Reyna’s effort and dedication has paid off, as her daughter, Eiza Gonzáles, who starred in Lola, once upon a time, has achieved success on screen largely thanks to the support and advice of her mother, who even at some point was the actress’ manager.

53. Patricia Munguía

Mother of: Danna Paola
Net worth: $10 million*

The Mexican singer, actress, model, and songwriter Danna Paola has won the hearts of the public throughout her successful career. She debuted on television with the children’s soap opera Rayito de luz, and her first leading role was in María Belén. Paola has received several awards, including two from the Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico, in addition to having a Latin Grammy nomination in 2021.

Patricia Munguía /Instagram.com

Behind this famous woman’s success is her mother, Patricia Munguía, who has supported her daughter in every step of her life, accompanying her during the award ceremonies. Despite this, little is known about Danna Paola’s mother, as the singer is very protective of her private life.

54. Belinda Schüll

Mother of: Belinda
Net worth: $14 million*

The mother of the famous singer Belinda, Belinda Schüll, has supported her daughter since the beginning of her career. And with Belinda’s fame, her mother has also achieved a large number of followers on social networks, and she has 205,000 followers on Instagram.

Belinda y Belinda Schüll @schull.belinda/Instagram.com

Belinda Schüll is a fundamental part of her daughter’s career, since, as part of Joy Music Entertainment, she keeps the schedule of the singer’s work commitments. There is no doubt that Belinda’s mother is a great support, but she is not free from controversy, as there was much speculation about her role in the breakup of her daughter and singer Christian Nodal.

55. Silvia Meraz de Favela

Mother of: Marlene Favela
Net worth: $2 million*

Mexican actress and model Marlene Favela has a successful career that took her to the peak of fame. In addition to her success as an actress, Marlene Favela is a tenured businesswoman and entrepreneur. Recently, Ella Favela added the title of “YouTuber” to her resume after she opened a channel that has more than 200,000 subscribers.

Silvia Meraz de Favela @marlenefavela/Instagram.com

It was on this channel where the famous woman introduced her mother to the world: Silvia Meraz de Favela, who, despite not being as accustomed to the cameras as her daughter, told several anecdotes about Marlene during the video (to the public’s delight).

56. Isabel Martínez

Mother of: Andrea Legarreta
Net worth: $3 million*

Andrea Legarreta is a Mexican actress and presenter famous for her appearances on television, and her charisma and personality have made her a favorite of many. She recently separated from Erik Rubín, who was her partner for 22 years. This separation was a big surprise for fans of these two celebrities.

Isabel Martínez @andrealegarreta/Instagram.com

Andrea Legarreta’s mother, Isabel Martínez, died at the end of July 2023, leaving the artist, who had a very close relationship with her, devastated. Unfortunately, the death of the actress’ mother occurred in the middle of her separation from Erik Rubín, so we sincerely hope that Legarreta finds solace soon.

57. Adela Adamowa Bottino

Mother of: Christian Bach
Net worth: $145 million*

Christian Bach was an iconic television actress. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on May 9, 1959, Bach showed artistic gifts from a young age, which she undoubtedly inherited in part from her mother, Adela Adamowa Bottino, who was a dancer who performed on several of the largest stages. of the world.

Adela Adamowa Bottino @Sebastian-Zurita-Peru/Facebook.com

The last soap opera in which Christian Bach appeared was La Impostora in 2014. Unfortunately, on February 26, 2019, the world said goodbye to the great actress who died after suffering respiratory arrest. Christian Bach will undoubtedly always be remembered as an excellent actress, wife, mother, and daughter.

58. Angélica Rivera

Mother of: Sofía Castro
Net worth: $20 million*

Angélica Rivera is a Mexican actress who is famous for her appearances on the small screen. The actress began her career in the world of modeling in the contest The Face of El Heraldo de México. Sofia Castro, daughter of the actress with producer José Alberto Castro, chose to follow in Angelica’s footsteps.

Angélica Rivera @Agencia México/Pinterest.com


Sofia Castro has taken her first steps into the world of entertainment, and who better to advise and guide her than her talented mother? Sofía and Angélica seem to have a very close relationship, and they can frequently be seen posing together in Instagram photos.

59. Doña Tota

Mother of: Maradona
Net worth: $100 million*

Another athlete who needs no introduction: Maradona. Also called “El Diez,” Maradona was an Argentine soccer player who amazed generations with his exploits on the field. He is considered one of the best soccer players in history. Sadly, Maradona passed away on November 25, 2020.

Doña Tota @Maradona/commons.wikimedia.org

Dalma Salvadora Franco Cariolichi, Doña Tota, Maradona’s mother, was at the soccer star’s side from his beginnings when he debuted in the First Division in October 1976. Doña Tota was always her son’s most fervent admirer, until her death in November of 2011 at 81 years old.

60. Doña Cuquita

Mother of: Alejandro Fernández
Net Worth: $245 million*

Vicente Fernández’s wife, Doña Cuquita, mother of the famous Alejandro Fernández and his brothers Vicente Fernández Jr. and Gerardo Fernández, is famous for being a fundamental part of his family, being the unconditional support of her partner and children, and encouraging everyone to achieve their goals.

Doña Cuquita @AlRojoVivo/Youtube.com

One of Doña Cuquita’s most famous sons, Alejandro Fernández (better known as “El Potrillo”), is one of the great exponents of Mexican music, and he has won awards, including three Latin Grammys and six Billboards.

61. Rosa Saavedra

Mother of: Lupillo y Jenni Rivera
Net worth: $12 million*

Lupillo Rivera and his unfortunately deceased sister, Jenni Rivera, are part of a family legacy full of talent. The new generations of the Riveras, like Chiquis Rivera, show that this family achieves success wherever it goes. A fundamental part of this success is the support they give each other as a family.

Rosa Saavedra @DannyFloresMedia/Youtube.com

One of the pillars of the family is Rosa Saavedra, the mother of Jenni and Lupillo Rivera. Despite suffering the deepest pain a mother can feel, the loss of a child, Rosa continues to support and advise her family.

62. Blanca Saviñón

Mother of: Dulce María
Net worth: $1 million*

The former Rebelde Dulce María, who won the hearts of audiences with her role in an eponymous soap opera, continues to be a successful actress and singer, in addition to being a loving mother. She feels extremely proud of her family, and she does not hesitate to show it off on social networks.

Blanca Saviñón @Dulce María/Instagram

Recently, the actress shared a photo from her parents’ wedding, where everyone could witness that beauty is hereditary. Blanca Saviñón, mother of the actress, appears in the photograph, and according to several comments in the publication, Dulce María is the spitting image of her mother.

63. Kate Trillo

Mother of: Kate del Castillo
Net worth: $10 million*

The successful actress Kate del Castillo, known for her role as Teresa Mendoza in La Reina del Sur, is also a woman very attached to her family. She began her soap opera career as part of the cast of Muchachitas in 1991.

Kate Trillo @katedelcastillo/Instagram.com

Behind this great actress and her resounding success is her family. The unconditional support of her family has been the driving force behind Kate’s career since she was little, and her mother Kate Trillo has been behind her at every moment, especially in everything that concerns Kate del Castillo’s failed relationship with Luis García.

64. Marcela Basteri

Mother of: Luis Miguel
Net worth: $180 million*

With more than 90 million records sold around the world, Luis Miguel is one of the most successful Spanish-speaking singers. Known as “El Sol de México,” Luis Miguel has delighted audiences since 1981, when he began his career at just 11 years old.

Marcela Basteri /Flickr.com

Unfortunately, one of the best-known scandals in which the singer has been involved is the disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri, about whom almost nothing is known. Between rumors and alleged sightings, the only certainty is that unfortunately Luis Miguel’s mother remains missing.

65. Jacqueline Van-Hoorde

Mother of: Jacqueline Bracamontes
Net worth: $5-10 million*

Jacqueline Bracamontes, winner of the Nuestra Belleza México pageant in 2000, and participant in Miss Universe in 2001, is now a successful actress. Additionally, she is an incredibly successful and entrepreneurial woman. She recently participated in the play Sortilegio in the United States.

Jacqueline Van-Hoorde @McOil/commons.wikimedia.org

One of the most characteristic things about the actress is that her family is her top priority. Proof of this is her social networks, where Jacky shows off her family and the incredible moments she spends with them. The actress recently showed off her mother, Jacqueline Van-Hoorde, who, like her daughter, is an incredibly beautiful woman.

66. Marichelo (Thysa)

Mother of: Anahí
Net worth: $185 million*

The career of Anahí Puentes, better known as Anahí, began when she was very little, because from a tender age she became interested in acting. On her path to stardom, the actress has always had the support of her mother Marichelo, also known as Thysa.

Marichelo (Thysa) @Tisha000/Twitter.com

The importance of family for the actress becomes evident if we consider that Anahí has taken a break from her career to dedicate more time to them. Although the famous woman had to change her residence from Mexico City to Chiapas, the distance from her family has done nothing but make them even closer.

67. Patricia Bernal

Mother of: Gael García Bernal
Net worth: $12 million*

Patricia Bernal is a Mexican actress born on October 27, 1959 in Sinaloa. As a result of her first marriage to actor José Ángel García, actor Gael García Bernal was born, who throughout his career has positioned himself as a great actor, participating in many incredibly successful international projects.

Patricia Bernal /Pinterest.com

But the famous man’s mother is not far behind with her list of achievements, as she has a long and impressive career as an actress and as a documentary producer. Her time on Mexican television has been full of successes and she, like her son, has earned the love of the Mexican public.

68. Josefina Gil

Mother of: Fey
Net worth: $1 millón*

One of the singers who set a trend in the ‘90s is Fey. With songs like “Azúcar Amargo,” Fey’s career is the result of a family full of artists, including her mother, Josefina Gil, a member of the Argentine duet Hermanas Gil, which was very successful in her time.

Josefina Gil @eternamentesabu640/YouTube.com

Unfortunately, in the 2000s, Fey’s mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Although she said at the time that she had defeated cancer, the disease then spread to other parts of her body. After fighting like a warrior, Fey’s mother passed away on October 7, 2008.

69. Lupita D’Alessio

Mother of: Ernesto D’Alessio
Net worth: $121 million*

Guadalupe Contreras Ramos, better known as Lupita D’Alessio, is a highly renowned Mexican singer who has an artistic career spanning more than 50 years. Her time on stage has impacted generations, and it has established her as a star in every sense of the word.

Lupita D’Alessio @ernestodalessio/Instagram.com

Her love for music and the stage is only overshadowed by her love for her children. Some of them have followed the family tradition in the world of entertainment, where they have also achieved success. Proof of this is Ernesto D’Alessio, who has triumphed both in music and on television.

70. Bárbara Pacioreck

Mother of: Ludwika Paleta
Net worth: $5 million*

Polish-Mexican actress Ludwika Paleta is the daughter of violinist Zbigniew Paleta and Bárbara Pacioreck. Her charisma and talent run through the veins of this family, and the actress’ sister also decided to enter the world of entertainment. Ludwika Paleta’s first leading role was in the soap opera El Abuelo y Yo.

Bárbara Pacioreck @Ludwika Paleta/Instagram

Bárbara Pacioreck was a teacher and plastic artist. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland, where she obtained a master’s degree with a specialization in graphic design, printmaking and posters. She also participated in selection committees at the International Poster Biennials in Mexico. Without a doubt, talent is inherited!

71. Rebeca Torres

Mother of: Galilea Montijo
Net worth: $8 million*

Galilea Montijo is a talented Mexican presenter and actress. She has participated in numerous television projects, including soap operas and the variety show Hoy. She was born in Guadalajara and appeared on television for the first time on the children’s program TVO. Her first job as a host was on the Ritmoson Latino channel.

Rebeca Torres @multimedios/YouTube.com

The famous woman has a good relationship with her mother, who she visited regularly until her parents decided to reconcile, as they separated when the actress was a child. Since Galilea Montijo does not have very good memories of her father, the famous woman preferred to stay out of the reconciliation situation.

72. Eulalia Rodriguez

Mother of: Chabelo
Net worth: $10 million*

Chabelo was born on February 17, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois. He was considered one of the best comedians in Mexico, and he became an icon of the time who continues to be remembered to this day. Unfortunately Chabelo passed away on March 25, 2023.

Eulalia Rodriguez /Youtube.com

Chabelo always kept his private life away from the spotlight. What we know about his family is that José Luis López Barba, the comedian’s father, and Eulalia Rodriguez, the famous man’s mother, traveled to Chicago in search of opportunities, but returned to Mexico when they found out that little Chabelo was on the way.

73. Silvia Derbez

Mother of: Eugenio Derbez
Net worth: $30 million*

Silvia Derbez was a Mexican actress born in San Luis Potosí, and she participated in Miss Mexico in 1952, obtaining fourth place. She is remembered for her appearances in soap operas such as Maria Isabel, Angelitos negroes, and Cruz de Amor. Additionally, she is the mother of comedian and producer Eugenio Derbez.

Silvia Derbez @Ederbez/Youtube.com

Unfortunately, Eugenio Derbez’s mother died on April 6, 2002, leaving a hole in the famous man’s life because he and his mother were very close. She was his confidant, and she also came and supported him during difficult times in his life.

74. Doña Teresa Martínez

Mother of: Adal Ramones
Net worth: $3 million*

The presenter, actor, and producer Adal Ramones is an important figure in the world of Mexican television. His show Otro Rollo launched him to stardom, and his subsequent projects such as Bailando por un Sueño and La Academia have consolidated him as an important figure in the entertainment industry.

Doña Teresa Martínez /Youtube.com

Unfortunately, Adal Ramones’ mother passed away at the age of 80. Adal Ramones always spoke of her with love and esteem, being very grateful for what his mother had done for him and for the time they had shared together.

75. Araceli Bisogno

Mother of: Daniel Bisogno
Net worth: $17 million*

Daniel Bisogno is a television host famous for his participation in the entertainment news program Ventaneando. Little is known about the famous man’s private life, but what we do know is the affection he feels for his family, especially his mother.

Araceli Bisogno @gentlemansgazette/Youtube.com

A few years ago, it was news that Bisogno’s mother was sick, so her son immediately took her to the doctor. There it was confirmed that Araceli had severe pneumonia. Fortunately, the famous man’s mother was able to fight through and improve little by little.

76. Socorro Jacques

Mother of: Aracely Arámbula
Net worth: $11 million*

Actress Aracely Arámbula has been in the eye of controversy several times, especially regarding her relationship with Luis Miguel and the two children resulting from it. But despite the scandals, Miguel and Daniel, the children of the two famous people, have grown up surrounded by care and attention.

Socorro Jacques @aracelyarambula/Instagram.com

Without a doubt, one of the people who has cared for them the most has been their maternal grandmother, Socorro Jacques, about whom little is known. What we know about her is that she married Manuel Arámbula and they had two children: Aracely and Leonardo.

77. Fiona Alexander

Mother of: Diego Luna
Net worth: $12 million*

Diego Luna has become one of the most recognized Mexican actors in Latin America and the world. He began his career in cinema when he was just eight years old in the short film The Last End of the Year, and since that moment he has not stopped working.

Fiona Alexander @diegoluna_/Instagram.com

Luna has consistently achieved successes at the box office and film festivals around the world. His mother, Fiona Alexander, was a visual artist, set, and costume designer, as well as a member of the National Theater Company of Mexico.

78. María Elena Sosa

Mother of: Marco Antonio Solís
Net worth: $10 million*

Marco Antonio Solis, also known as “El Buki,” is a Mexican musician and composer of international fame. Together with his cousin, he founded the musical group “Los Bukis” where he was the vocalist and author of most of the songs.

María Elena Sosa @marcoantoniosolis/Facebook.com

Eventually, El Buki separated from the group to try his luck as a solo artist, achieving sales success. Behind the singer-songwriter’s success is his mother, María Elena Sosa Hernández, who was also his most fervent admirer until the last of her days.

79. Irma Luz Arce

Mother of: Chayanne
Net worth: $40 million*

Elmer Figueroa Arce, better known as Chayanne, is one of the best-known Latin American artists in the world. Famous for his talent and looks, Chayanne continues to steal sighs at 50 years old. His successful career in entertainment has been the result of his effort and dedication.

Irma Luz Arce @ImagenEntretenimiento/Youtube.com

A central part of Chayanne’s life is his family. In fact, it was his mother, Irma Luz Arce, who inspired the famous artist’s stage name. Considering that Chayanne is one of the most important figures in the world of entertainment, Doña Irma’s merit is not small.

80. Bárbara Levy

Mother of: William Levy
Net worth: $6 million*

Cuban-American actor William Levy began his career in soap operas in the United States. In 2010, he was the spokesman for the Dolce & Gabbana brand, and he has positioned himself as a relevant figure in the entertainment industry in both Latin America and the United States.

Bárbara Levy @Tribute2Erin/Facebook.com

The actor’s mother is also an artist, and she shows some of her paintings on her Instagram account, where she has more than 10,000 followers. William Levy’s mother has always cared about him and his siblings, and she had to raise them alone, since the actor’s father abandoned them.

81. Gloria Ruiz Arredondo

Mother of: Gloria Trevi
Net worth: $40 million*

Gloria de los Ángeles Treviño Ruiz, better known as Gloria Trevi, is a controversial but talented Mexican singer who also ventured into film and television in that country. With several hits and millions of records sold, this celebrity is undoubtedly a very successful woman.

Gloria Ruiz Arredondo @Gloria Trevi/Instagram

Recently, the actress showed on social networks a photograph where she appears with her mother, Gloria Ruiz Arredondo, in which both show that beauty runs in the family. Gloria Trevi’s mother is no stranger to controversy, but the most important thing is that mother and daughter are inseparable.

82. Mayra Milanszenko

Mother of: Erik Rubín
Net worth: $3 million*

Erik Rubín is a Mexican artist who rose to stardom as a member of the musical group Timbiriche, which would become an international success. Erik Rubín would later venture onto the small screen with his performance in the soap opera Alcanzar una Estrella II.

Mayra Milanszenko /Youtube.com

Little is known about the famous man’s mother, Mayra Milanszenko, as she does not usually appear in front of the cameras, although Erik Rubín often uploads photographs to his social networks enjoying good times with his parents and family.

83. Margarita Ortiz

Mother of: José José
Net worth: $1 millón*

José José was undoubtedly one of the most famous and talented Latin American artists. With an enviable voice, his talent took him to the peak of stardom. His presentations made every stage he stepped on vibrate, and his voice moved millions of viewers around the world.

Margarita Ortiz @amigosdejosejose/youtube.com

His mother, Margarita Ortiz, was always his most faithful admirer. The singer traveled from Miami to Mexico when his mother was hospitalized due to an illness, and his love is so deep that the singer’s last wish was for his remains to rest next to his mother’s.

84. Guillermina Quiñones

Mother of: Marc Anthony
Net worth: $80 million*

The famous singer Marc Anthony, ex of Jennifer Lopez, is a multifaceted artist: his repertoire consists of both salsa and bolero, ballads, and of course pop. He began his career on stage in the duo Little Louie & Marc Anthony. From then on, the singer has managed to conquer all the stages he has set foot on, and has established himself as a music icon.

Guillermina Quiñones @Eddy Martin/yahoo.com

Unfortunately, the singer of Puerto Rican origin said goodbye to his mother on July 27, 2017. The singer’s mother, Guillermina Quiñones, was always his most faithful admirer and the rock of the family, inspiring her son to achieve everything. what was proposed.

85. Nohemí Morales

Mother of: Ricardo Arjona
Net worth: $25 million*

Ricardo Arjona is a Guatemalan singer-songwriter who has achieved an impressive career in the world of music. His talent has led him to win the hearts of the public internationally. From his extensive recording career, four of his albums have reached the first position in the Billboard Top 10.

Nohemí Morales @ciccotailors/Facebook.com

Nohemí Morales or “Mimi”, as the singer used to affectionately call her, died on December 4, 2013 at the age of 78, leaving a huge void in the singer’s life. Currently, Arjona does not believe she is capable of singing the song she composed for him again called “My girlfriend is getting old.”

86. Pilar Morán

Mother of: Manuel Mijares
Net worth: $185 million*

José Manuel Mijares Morán is a Mexican singer who appeared on the artistic scene in 1981 at the Valores Juveniles festival. He also represented Mexico at the OTI Song Festival in 1985. His family, especially his mother, always supported his dream.

Pilar Morán @LosCapitanesHD /Youtube.com

Throughout his life, Pilar Morán, the famous man’s mother, was always his most faithful admirer and defender. When Mijares separated from his then wife, Lucero, the singer’s mother came to the defense of her son in the face of pressure from the media.

87. Doña Guadalupe Castillo

Mother of: Los hermanos Valdés
Net worth: Unknown

One of the most well-known and recognized dynasties of Mexican actors are the Valdés brothers: Manuel “El Loco” Valdés, Antonio “El Ratón” Valdés, Germán Valdés “Tin Tan” and Ramón Valdés, also known as “Don Ramón”. Each of the brothers of this unique family left their mark on Mexican television and in the hearts of their audience.

Doña Guadalupe Castillo @HistoriaEnFotos/Twitter.com

The mother of the famous people, Doña Guadalupe Castillo, was always a pillar for her family, in addition to supporting her children in all of her projects. In addition to this, it is said that the mother of these famous people was also a regular at comedy: she joked with them frequently, and in this way she influenced her sense of humor.

88. Laura Moreira

Mother of: Roberto Carlos
Net worth: $160 million*

The Brazilian singer-songwriter Roberto Carlos has become an obligatory reference in Latin American music, and is one of the most prominent representatives of the romantic ballad. He is called by many “The King of Latin Music,” and has sold more than 150 million records around the world.

Laura Moreira /ebay.com

In addition to his achievements on stage, the singer is very close to his family, especially his mother, for whom he wrote the song “Lady Laura” 41 years ago. The song was number one for 20 weeks in Latin America. Roberto Carlos’ love for Laura Moreira is undeniable!

89. Dulce Canseco

Mother of: Yuri
Net worth: $5 million*

Yuri is famous for her powerful voice. She began her career at a young age, and in 1978, she released her first single titled “Ilumina tu vida.” Her fame would skyrocket through her participation in the OTI Song Festival in 1980. One of her biggest hits is the song “Maldita primavera,” which set records in sales.

Dulce Canseco @YuriOficial/Facebook.com

The relationship between Yuri and her mother is complicated because, despite supporting her daughter’s dreams, the famous singer’s mother could sometimes exert more pressure than necessary. Despite this and some other scandals and stories about strained family relationships, the singer fondly remembers her mother now that she is no longer with us.

90. Margarita Olivares

Mother of: Fernando Colunga
Net worth: Unknown

If you’ve ever watched Mexican telenovelas, you’re likely familiar with Fernando Colunga, who has a long and successful career in the entertainment industry of that country. He made his debut in 1994 with “Más allá del puente.” His incredible charisma has made him one of the audience’s favorite actors.

Margarita Olivares @FernandoColungaF/Facebook.com

This famous figure is not keen on sharing much about his private life, to the extent that he appears to have no social media presence. Therefore, little is known about his parents, the engineer Mr. Fernando Colunga and his mother, Margarita Olivares. What is known is that they have always supported their son in all his decisions. Despite the geographical distance that separated them, they always tried to stay in touch.

91. Guadalupe Gómez

Mother of: Guillermo del Toro
Net worth: $30 million*

Undoubtedly one of the most famous and influential directors in recent years, the Mexican Guillermo del Toro has established himself as one of the great cinematic talents of today. He was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, on October 9, 1964, and has been awarded a Golden Globe and three Academy Awards, among other international recognitions.

Guadalupe Gómez @guadag1404/Facebook.com

The filmmaker’s mother, Guadalupe Gómez, was an actress whose debut film was “Doña Herlinda y su Hijo.” Eventually, Guadalupe left acting to fully dedicate herself to her family. Unfortunately, the filmmaker’s mother passed away one day before the premiere of “Pinocho,” the film for which Guillermo del Toro won an Oscar.

92. Margarita Martínez

Mother of: Yalitza Aparicio
Net worth: $3 million*

Born in Tlaxiaco, Oaxaca, on December 11, 1993, Yalitza Aparicio is one of the most talked-about actresses of the moment. Her first performance in Alfonso Cuarón’s film “Roma” catapulted her to stardom, earning her international recognition. Time magazine included her in the list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

Margarita Martínez @GuatemalaImpresionantePaginaOficial /Facebook.com

The actress’s mother, Margarita Martínez, has been by her daughter’s side every step of the way on her path to stardom. The actress has proudly showcased her mother at various events and on social media posts, where they both appear happy and stunning.

93. Cecilia Saldanha Da Gama

Mother of: Jaime Camil
Net worth: $15 million*

Jaime Camil, the Mexican actor and comedian, is undoubtedly one of the heartthrobs in the world of entertainment. Sadly, his entry into the industry was marked (at least initially) by the rejection of his father, who wanted him to follow in his footsteps as a businessman.

Cecilia Saldanha Da Gama @CmYunon/Twitter.com

Cecilia Saldanha Da Gama, Jaime Camil’s mother, has always supported the artist in all his endeavors. Similarly, Jaime has made sure to support his mom when life doesn’t smile at her, for example, after the death of his father. This is undoubtedly a united and loving family.

94. Maribel Castañeda

Mother of: Yuya
Net worth: $5 million*

Yuya is one of the most well-known influencers both nationally and internationally. She started her career in the early days of YouTube and became famous for her beauty and fashion tips. Nowadays, her YouTube channel has over 24 million subscribers, and her Instagram account has 16.6 million followers.

Maribel Castañeda /Facebook.com

Maribel Castañeda is the influencer’s mother, and she has been by her daughter’s side every step of the way. Yuya’s mother not only supports her on her journey to stardom, but she also has quite a substantial following herself: 60 thousand people follow her on Instagram. A star in her own right!

95. Sylvie Rousseau

Mother of: Angelique Boyer
Net worth: $6 million*

The Franco-Mexican actress Angelique Boyer has won three TVyNovelas Awards, two Bravo Awards, and an ACE Award for Best Actress. She has been involved in various television projects that have placed her at the pinnacle of success in Mexican television. In 2010, she landed her first leading role in the telenovela “Teresa,” and her mom was always there to support her.

Sylvie Rousseau @AmamosNovela/Facebook.com

Unfortunately, Sylvie Rousseau passed away on June 17, 2014, at the age of 49 due to complications from her third open-heart surgery. After the loss of her mother, the actress has found strong support in her boyfriend Sebastián Rulli and his family.

96. Itatí Zucchi

Mother of: Itatí Cantoral
Net worth: $1 millón*

Itatí Cantoral Zucchi was born on May 13, 1975. She is the daughter of the popular musician Roberto Cantoral and Itatí Zucchi, who was always one of the people who supported her daughter the most in every way. One of Itatí Cantoral’s most well-known roles was as Soraya Montenegro in the Mexican telenovela “María la del Barrio.”

Itatí Zucchi @itatisdaughter/Twitter.com

Itatí Cantoral has been awarded various prizes throughout her career, but the most important part of her life has always been her family. Her parents always supported her dreams, and she herself is a devoted mother who makes sure to spend quality time with her three children.

97. Chelo Vidal

Mother of: Consuelo Duval
Net worth: $3 million*

Consuelo Duval’s mother was a Mexican singer who worked exclusively with Agustín Lara and also participated in films during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Although born in the United States, her family has Mexican origins. From a young age, she showed talent and interest in singing, partly influencing her marriage to the singer José Antonio Duval.

Chelo Vidal @consueloduval/instagram.com

Consuelo Duval followed in her mother’s footsteps in the world of entertainment. As you probably know, Duval has performed in various television projects and films. The Mexican actress, host, and comedian has earned a place in the hearts of viewers.

98. Ana Martín

Mother of: Isabel Pantoja
Net worth: $5 million*

Isabel Pantoja, recognized as one of the greatest Spanish singers, has achieved one hundred fifty platinum records and fifty gold records. Known as “La Pantoja,” she is a significant figure in the entertainment industry, although not unfamiliar with scandal. She was married to the bullfighter Francisco Rivera, “Paquirri,” with whom she had two children, and in 1996, she adopted a girl.

Ana Martín /pinterest.com

Doña Ana, the mother of the famous singer, was always her most loyal admirer, supporting and encouraging her daughter from the very beginning to become a star. In fact, in her first appearance on stage at the tender age of 7, La Pantoja wore a dress crafted by her own mother. How lovely!

99. Marcella Samora

Mother of: Selena Quintanilla
Net worth: $25 million*

The queen of Tex-Mex, Selena Quintanilla, had a wonderful career that unfortunately ended abruptly with the singer’s death at the age of 23. Selena’s impact on the music scene is undeniable, and to this day, she is fondly remembered by all her fans.

Marcella Samora @j23kittyb5/youtube.com


After her daughter’s death, Marcella Samora has preferred to stay out of the spotlight. Despite that, Selena’s mother supports and accompanies her husband, Abraham Quintanilla, in the projects of the production company Q-studios and the Selena Foundation, which helps underprivileged children complete their education.

100. Socorro Castro

Mother of: Verónica Castro
Net worth: $30 million*

Verónica Castro is a Mexican actress, singer, and presenter who defined an era in Mexican television and cinema. She was also awarded an honorary Emmy for her contributions to the entertainment industry in Latin America.

Socorro Castro @Veronica/pinterest.com

The relationship between the famous actress and her mother, Socorro Castro, was always very close. The singer’s mother was always attentive to her daughter, supporting her in all her projects. After separating from Verónica Castro’s father, the mother of the famous presenter started working as a secretary for the rector of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

101. María Pizarro

Mother of: Alejandro Sanz
Net worth: $25 million*

Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro, better known as Alejandro Sanz, is a Spanish singer-songwriter with over 25 million records sold worldwide. He has received prestigious awards, including 24 Latin Grammys. He has collaborated successfully with numerous artists.

María Pizarro @alejandrosanz/Facebook

María Pizarro, the singer’s mother, always supported her son. Unfortunately, the singer’s mother passed away in April 2012, leaving a huge void in the singer’s life. In his song “Bio,” Alejandro Sanz talks about his experiences and, of course, about his mother and what they lived through together.

102. María Adelaida

Mother of: Sebastián Yatra
Net worth: $18 million*

Sebastián Obando Giraldo, whom you may know as Sebastián Yatra, is a Colombian singer and songwriter who rose to fame with his song “Traicionera.” He was born in Medellín, and his parents are María Adelaida and Aníbal. When he was 5 years old, his family decided to move to the United States, and they all settled in Miami together.

María Adelaida @scontent/Facebook.com

The singer’s mother, María Adelaida, is a loving woman who takes care of her son both on and off the stage. It’s worth noting that she went from being a housewife to being Sebastian’s manager! There is no doubt that the singer’s mother is crucial to both his personal and professional life.

103. Josefina Barragán

Mother of: Carlos Santana
Net worth: $120 million*

Carlos Santana is a Mexican-American musician legendary for his guitar-playing abilities. In 1966, he founded the band Santana, which pioneered by blending Latin music with rock. In total, Santana has sold over 100 million records worldwide.

Josefina Barragán @carlossantana/Facebook.com

The musician’s family has always held a special place in his life, and both his father and mother were examples for him. Today, Santana continues to fondly remember his parents and has dedicated his biography, titled “The Universal Tone: Bringing my story to light,” to his mother, Josefina Barragán.

104. Nena de la Reguera

Mother of: Ana de la Reguera
Net worth: $2 million*

Ana de la Reguera is a Mexican actress who has showcased her talent in theater, film, and television. She began her career by acting in the telenovela “Azul” (1996). In 2011, she participated in the international film “Cowboys & Aliens,” and in 2021, she appeared in the latest installment of the franchise “The Purge: The Forever Purge.”

Nena de la Reguera /Youtube.com

Nena de la Reguera, the actress’s mother, has become a famous influencer who has won the hearts of her audience with the beauty tips she provides. Recently, her followers were concerned as the influencer shared on her social media that she underwent medical tests due to a possible health issue.

105. Doña Alicia

Mother of: Juanes
Net worth: $18 million*

Juan Esteban Aristizábal Vásquez, better known as Juanes, was born in Medellín on August 9, 1972. He began his musical career at the young age of 15 in a metal band called Ekhymosis. He decided to launch his solo career in 2000, and over the course of his career, he has won 26 Latin Grammys.

Doña Alicia /Facebook.com

For Juanes, his family is one of the most important aspects of his life. Unfortunately, his sister has been in a coma for 24 years due to a serious health issue. Since that day, their mother has been taking care of her. Doña Alicia, an 87-year-old woman of incredible strength and resilience, dedicates her life to her family, and that is why Juanes loves her so deeply.

106. Mariana Muzlera

Mother of: Tini
Net worth: $9 million*

Martina Stoessel, born in Buenos Aires on March 21, 1997, known as Tini, is a singer, songwriter, and actress who began her career at the age of 10 with a minor role in a series called “Patito feo.” Later, she gained international fame with the series “Violetta” on Disney Channel Latin America.

Mariana Muzlera @DarkTini/Twitter

Despite being very close to her family, Tini is not immune to controversy. Recently, the singer was involved in a scandal related to her mother. The scandal revolves around the presumption that Mariana Muzlera, the singer’s mother, kept money that did not belong to her in a banking transaction.

107. Silvia Rulli

Mother of: Sebastían Rulli
Net worth: $20 million*

Sebastián Rulli began his career as a model in countries like Spain, Italy, and France. His first appearance in Mexican telenovelas was in “Primer amor – A mil por hora” (2000). Since then, he has become one of the most recognizable faces on Latin American television.

Silvia Rulli @sebastianrulli/instagram.com

The actor’s mother, Silvia Rulli, is not very keen on appearing in front of cameras, but her son showcases her on his social media, where she receives numerous congratulations. Particularly amusing are the comments from the actor’s many fans thanking Doña Silvia for bringing him into the world.

108. Rosario Ochoa

Mother of: Bárbara Mori
Net worth: $1.9 million*

Bárbara Mori is a Uruguayan-Mexican film and television actress. She was born in Montevideo on February 2, 1978, and began her career with the soap opera “Tric-Trac” in 1997. That same year, she rose to fame for her portrayal of Mónica in “Mirada de Mujer.” Another of her most famous roles was when she starred in the soap opera “Rubí” in 2004.

Rosario Ochoa /Youtube.com

On her social media, the renowned actress revealed that her mother, Rosario Ochoa, ventured into modeling. The famous actress’s mother is a painter and visual artist who started her career in the visual arts in Montevideo at the age of 24. Today, she has participated as a model in various advertising campaigns. Her beauty is impressive!

109. Flor Joglar de Gracia

Mother of: Residente
Net worth: $25 million*

René Pérez Joglar, better known as Residente, is a Puerto Rican rapper, producer, and composer born on February 23, 1978, in San Juan. He formed the band Calle 13 with his sister and stepbrother. Later, in 2015, he began his solo career. He has won 31 Grammys with Calle 13 and 5 as a solo artist.

Flor Joglar de Gracia @weekendtelevision/Facebook.com

The musician’s mother, Flor Joglar de Gracia, lived in the town of Trujillo Alto with her children and husband, Reinaldo Pérez Ramírez. Flor Joglar de Gracia was part of the theater company Teatro del 60, in addition to being involved with the Independentista Universitaria Youth (JIU).

110. Vania Nonnenmacher

Mother of: Gisele Bundchen
Net worth: $400 million*

Gisele Bündchen, the Brazilian supermodel, needs no introduction. She has five sisters: Raquel, Graziela, Gabriela, Rafaela, and Patricia, her twin. Gisele Bündchen is known for being the highest-paid model in the world for fourteen consecutive years.

Recently, the model and her sisters shared photos on social media alongside their mother, Vania Nonnenmacher, making it clear that beauty and elegance are inherited. The model and her mother have also appeared together on the cover of Vogue Brazil.

111. Doña Diana

Mother of: Sabine Moussier
Net worth: $5 million*

Sabine Moussier is an actress born on July 12, 1966, in Germany, but later moved with her family to Mexico. When Sabine Moussier decided to become an actress, she moved to the capital, Mexico City, to study at the Centro de Educación Artística.

Doña Diana /youtube.com

The actress’s relationship with her mother, Doña Diana, is very close, but recently, the actress confessed that she had a strong altercation with her when Doña Diana revealed that her biological father was not German, something she had believed for much of her life.

112. Victoria Luisa Rotondo Mendoza

Mother of: Laura Bozzo
Net worth: $3 million*

Peruvian television presenter Laura Bozzo was born on August 19, 1951, in Lima. She is the daughter of Victoria Luisa Rotondo Mendoza and engineer Miguel Bozzo Chirichigno. Laura gained fame through her program “Laura en América,” which enjoyed a large audience throughout Latin America.

Victoria Luisa Rotondo Mendoza /pinterest.com

Her relationship with her family has always been close, especially with her mother, whom she remembers fondly, especially when thinking about her own role as a mother. The resemblance between them is quite evident. Like mother, like daughter!

113. Norma Utrera

Mother of: Gaby Spanic
Net worth: $20 million*

Norma Utrera was the mother of the twins Daniela and Gaby, as well as Patricia and a son named Antonio. Norma provided significant support to her daughter Gaby during her career, being there when her role in “La Usurpadora” earned her the affection of the Mexican audience and subsequently worldwide.

Norma Utrera @gabyspanictv/instagram.com

In contrast to Gaby Spanic and her twin, the other siblings in the family did not show interest in acting and prefer to stay away from the cameras. Unfortunately, the actress’s mother passed away on October 18, 2020. Her family remembers her with love and gratitude.

114. Pattie Mallette

Mother of: Justin Bieber
Net worth: $20 million*

Pattie Mallette, a Canadian author and film producer, is best known as Justin Bieber’s mother. She played a pivotal role in Justin’s early career, posting his performances on YouTube, which led to his discovery.

Pattie Mallette - Justin Bieber ©C Flanigan/Getty Images

Pattie’s story, detailed in her memoir, is one of overcoming personal challenges to raise her son and support his journey to stardom.

115. Cissy Houston

Mother of: Whitney Houston
Net worth: $6 million*

Cissy Houston is an accomplished gospel singer who greatly influenced her daughter Whitney Houston, one of the best-selling music artists of all time. Cissy’s own success in the music industry set a foundation for Whitney’s career.

Cissy Houston - Whitney Houston ©Robin Platzer/Getty Images

Her guidance and musical influence were crucial in Whitney’s development as a singer, demonstrating the impact of a mother’s mentorship in the world of music.

116. Gloria Vanderbilt

Mother of: Anderson Cooper
Net worth: $200 million*

Gloria Vanderbilt, the mother of television journalist Anderson Cooper, was an artist, author, and fashion icon. Vanderbilt created a remarkable name for herself with her line of designer blue jeans in the 1970s and 1980s, becoming a destination for fashion-forward consumers.

Gloria Vanderbilt - Anderson Cooper ©Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Her life and career were characterized by a charismatic blend of resilience, hard work, creativity, and style. She also had a close and loving relationship with her son, Anderson, who often shared stories about his mother’s fierce independence and unyielding spirit. Gloria Vanderbilt was not just the mother of a famous TV personality; she was a successful woman in her own right.

117. Guadalupe Rodríguez

Mother of: Alex Rodriguez
Net worth: Unknown

Not all celebrity mothers are celebrities in their own right. Guadalupe Rodríguez, mother of former professional baseball player Alex Rodriguez, is a perfect example. While her net worth is unknown, Guadalupe’s influence on her son’s life has been immeasurable.

Guadalupe Rodríguez - Alex Rodriguez ©John Shearer/Getty Images

Guadalupe raised her children single-handedly after her husband left the family when Alex was just nine years old. She struggled and worked double shifts just to make ends meet but ensured her son could participate in baseball. Fiercely dedicated and sacrificial, she is the driving force behind Alex’s ascent to becoming one of baseball’s greatest players.

118. Maria Shriver

Mother of: Katherine Schwarzenegger
Net worth: $100 million*

Maria Shriver, a member of the famous Kennedy family, is an influential American journalist and author. Known for her work with NBC, she has had a long and successful television career. Her successes apart, Maria is also the mother of Katherine Schwarzenegger, a successful author herself.

Maria Shriver - Katherine Schwarzenegger ©Donato Sardella /Getty Images

No stranger to the limelight due to her family and career, Maria has supported and guided Katherine in her endeavors, including navigating the challenges of being part of an incredibly high-profile family. Often seen together at events, their close bond and mutual respect shine effortlessly. Maria’s work as a successful career woman, paired with her devoted motherhood, truly defines her influence and success.

119. Gloria Campano

Mother of: Bradley Cooper
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Gloria Campano, while not a celebrity herself, has been a significant figure in the life of her son, Bradley Cooper, an acclaimed actor and filmmaker. Known for her close relationship with Bradley, she has often been seen accompanying him at various red carpet events and award shows.

Gloria Campano - Bradley Cooper ©Tommaso Boddi/Golden Globes 2024/Getty Images

Gloria’s supportive and nurturing role in Bradley’s life highlights the importance of a mother’s presence in the face of fame and success.

120. Pamela Ann Stepnick

Mother of: Logan and Jake Paul
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Pamela Ann Stepnick, the mother of internet personalities Logan and Jake Paul, has been a guiding force behind her sons’ rapid rise to fame.

Pamela Ann Stepnick - Logan and Jake Paul @pam_stepnick/Instagram

Her involvement in their lives extends beyond the typical maternal role, as she often appears in their videos and has developed a social media presence of her own. Pamela’s adaptation to the digital age and support of her sons’ ventures in the evolving landscape of internet fame is noteworthy.

121. Sonya Curry

Mother of: Stephen and Seth Curry
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Sonya Curry, a former volleyball player at Virginia Tech, is the mother of NBA superstars Stephen and Seth Curry. Her athletic background played a significant role in nurturing her sons’ talents in basketball.

Sonya Curry - Stephen and Seth Curry ©Steve Jennings/Getty Images

Sonya’s emphasis on discipline, education, and faith in her children’s upbringing has been integral to their success on and off the basketball court.

122. Maye Musk

Mother of: Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk, and Tosca Musk
Net worth: $20 million*

Maye Musk, a model and dietitian, is the mother of entrepreneur and business magnate Elon Musk, as well as his siblings Kimbal and Tosca, who are successful in their own rights.

Maye Musk - Elon Musk, Kimbal Musk, and Tosca Musk ©Andrew H. Walker /Getty Images

Maye’s own success as a model and speaker, even in her 70s, is a testament to her enduring work ethic and drive, qualities she imparted to her children. Her life story is an inspiring tale of resilience, independence, and success against the odds.

123. Anne Meara

Mother of: Ben Stiller
Net worth: Was $12.5 million at the time of her passing*

Anne Meara, an accomplished actress and comedian, was not only a successful artist but also the mother of actor-director Ben Stiller. Along with her husband, Jerry Stiller, she formed a popular comedy duo, Stiller and Meara.

Anne Meara - Ben Stiller ©Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Her influence on Ben’s career, evident in his comedic style and approach to filmmaking, underscores the impact of a mother’s legacy in the entertainment industry.

124. Shelley Plimpton

Mother of: Martha Plimpton
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Shelley Plimpton, an actress best known for her work in the 1960s and 1970s, is the mother of actress Martha Plimpton. Shelley’s career in theater and film set the stage for Martha’s entry into acting.

Shelley Plimpton - Martha Plimpton ©Peter Kramer /Getty Images

Their shared passion for the arts and Shelley’s experiences in the industry have played a crucial role in Martha’s development as an acclaimed actress.

125. Emilie Posner Haas

Mother of: Alyson Hannigan
Net worth: Not publicly disclosed*

Emilie Posner Haas, a real estate agent, is the mother of actress Alyson Hannigan, known for her roles in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “How I Met Your Mother.” While not in the entertainment industry herself, Emilie’s support was crucial in Alyson’s early career, especially when she started acting as a child.

Emilie Posner Haas - Alyson Hannigan @classcreator/Pinterest | ©Unique Nicole/Getty Images

Alyson has often spoken about the sacrifices her mother made to help her achieve her acting dreams, highlighting the impact of a mother’s support in the demanding world of acting.

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