Nicki Minaj backs Youtuber Kai Cenat after Twitch ban

International pop star Nicki Minaj got here to the rescue after streamer Kai Cenat confronted a ban from Twitch on April 17. His Twitch account at present reveals a message, “temporarily unavailable due to violation of Twitch’s…terms of service.” Kai’s profession has now hit a roadblock and stomped. This is his second twitch ban.

Image Credit: Christopher Polk
Image Credit: Christopher Polk

In a really current Q&A, Nicki Minaj was interacting together with her followers when somebody requested her about Kai Cenat’s current state of affairs. Due to talk flows more often than not it is pure that Celebes overlooks numerous messages, however surprisingly Nicky addressed Kai’s current ban and questioned why they (Twitch) would terminate his account earlier than saying something. “Why would they do that? Like why would they do that?” she stated

Image Credit: Twitch
Image Credit: Twitch

“Let the boy live. Let the boy rock. Like stop..!” the singer expressed. Nicki stated she attire up “cute” and seems in his stream to again up Kai. “Alright, I’ma get cute. I’ma dress up nice and cute and I’ma go on live for him and speak with him if that’s cool with him,” stated Nicki, 40.

21 12 months previous content material creator, Kai grew to become one of many greatest Twitch streamers when he broke Twitch’s all time subscription file, final March. He had greater than 300,000 subs and surpassed Ludwig and Ninja.

Kai tweeted “Banned” hour later after the ban.

The sensational streamer additionally posted a heartfelt put up, which says “Never been embarrassed to same fit twice, never been embarrassed to have 1pair of shoes, never been embarrassed to sleep on the floor, Never been embarrassed to struggle. You gotta go through hard times before you live lavish. I know its on the way so I’m forever humble.”

In 2022, Kai obtained a 30 days ban from Twitch. Now a 12 months later he obtained one other ban. Many followers speculated that Twitch disliked the Kick’s reward unboxing stream from Kai, as Kick is the prime rival of Twitch.

Reddit and Twitter hypothesis recommend that now Kai will transfer to a different streaming platform. Is it Kick or anything then?

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