Shreyas Talpade on apologising for controversial scene: My foot was not on the Om

Shreyas Talpade is rarely the one to get into any controversies, which is why it got here as an entire shock when he did not too long ago. The actor took to social media to apologise over a movie scene from his 2012 movie Kamaal Dhamaal Malamaal.

Talking to us about it, he says, “Someone tweeted about it, apparently in one sequence in the film, I had to stop the tempo with my foot. There was a sticker of Om in front of it. Someone tweeted that I put my foot over the Om. I play a Christian guy in the film. I didn’t realise… my focus was on the tempo coming at a particular speed, will I be able to stop it properly, there are different pressures. Honestly I didn’t realise this.”

But he tells us that actually one other social media consumer introduced it to his discover that his foot was truly subsequent to the image, and never on it. Despite that, Talpade felt it was essential to apologise anyway. “I don’t become a smaller person if I apologise. At the end of the day, Om has a bigger and religious connotation. I felt it was the right thing for me to apologise for something that actually happened unintentionally,” says the 47-year-old.

He goes on so as to add why he didn’t make clear it additional, “I didn’t want to. I remember there was so much pressure during that sequence. Anyway, I completely respect people’s religious sentiments because I am also a religious guy. I have no intention to create any controversy.”

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