Woman says Anil Kapoor held her hand on turbulent flight, tried to calm her; she reveals what they mentioned

Anil Kapoor had a heat encounter with a co-passenger on a current flight and he or she has shared all in regards to the episode. Taking to LinkedIn, entrepreneur Shikha Mittal wrote all about how Anil held her hand by means of turbulence on their flight and even shared a selfie with him.

Shikha, who’s founder at Be.artsy and a pair different organisations, wrote how she would not take selfies with stars normally however assembly with Anil was particular. Revealing how they began to speak, she mentioned, “The moment flight took off, the luggage box above me opened and started flapping. The flight got turbulent right at the take-off. I have always been bad on flights. In 2022 I developed added fears due to a health condition I am going through because of vaccine/covid (cause unknown). The moment I kept my hand on the divider in the middle of the two seats, my co-passenger held my hand and said ‘Hey it’s ok. Tell me your name. Let’s talk’.”

Shikha mentioned that they spoke and laughed for your complete two-hour flight and he or she did not realise when it ended. “When it landed, Anil Ji said: ‘a lot of people will tell you anxiety is bad, but today due to your anxiety we both got a chance to talk, and laugh and now maybe you also treat me to a coffee in Delhi’. I smiled, and he hugged me on our way out and said ‘Shikha The Mittal BYE!’”

She additionally talked about all the opposite matters they chatted on, “1. We spoke about anxiousness. 2. He requested about my career and therefore we mentioned monetary planning, retirement plans, cash administration and writing a will. 3. We mentioned films he plans to do every year. 4. We spoke about Madhuri and Sri Devi. 5. We spoke about Lamhe a not-so-successful film but liked by so many. 6. We mentioned common and extraordinary individuals. 7. We mentioned luck vs coincidence. 8. We mentioned property costs in Mumbai. 9. We talked about health. 10. We mentioned our frequent love for espresso.”

Anil Kapoor is without doubt one of the hottest stars of 90s Bollywood and continues to do good work in movies and tv. His subsequent launch will probably be internet collection The Night Manager.

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